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The GoByBike team at the ISUtrecht is here to help you navigate your way around Utrecht on a bicycle.

This team, consisting of parents and staff, has set itself the task to provide those parents who are keen to give the whole Dutch bike thing a go, with all the information and encouragement they need.


As you will probably have noticed already, Dutch people love their ‘fiets’ (bicycle) and use it to commute to work, go grocery shopping, transport their children and to go out to dinner. Although it might be fun to watch the locals on their bikes, we can imagine it may also be a bit daunting.

That is why a group of interested parents and staff formed the GoByBike team in September 2018 to create a cycling culture at the ISUtrecht. One of the first things we did was making the GoByBike booklet providing you with a wealth of information about traffic rules for cyclists, bike parks, the ‘OV-fiets’, cycling with children, purchasing or renting a bike, finding a quiet route and lots more!

Watch this space

Watch this space for our next activity! And if you are keen to join the GoByBike team, please come and see Ingrid Schmoutziguer in the communications office.

For those of you keen to find out what cycling in the Netherlands is all about, please have a look at these video’s and blogs.

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