Parent Support Group

The Parent Support Group (PSG) is an organisation that supports the parent community within the ISUtrecht.

Through collaboration with the ISUtrecht leadership team and staff, we connect our diverse and culturally rich community through participation, communication and social engagement. At ISUtrecht parent participation and engagement is key to creating a strong family-friendly community. As parent volunteers we organise over 40 events per year.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to create a community that enriches the ISUtrecht experience, for both parents and students. Our vision is to be a dynamic, inclusive group of parent volunteers from diverse cultures, sharing our skills and experiences.

Our values

I – Inclusive

S – Supportive

U – United

New Parent Connectors (NPC)

The New Parent Connectors are volunteer parents who assist new families with basic school and community questions. We also try our best to connect you with an existing parent who are willing to share their ISU experiences, preferably someone with a similar background in countries, languages and children’s grades.

Class parent representative & class volunteers

Each class has at least one parent who will liaise closely with the class teacher and the PSG throughout the year and communicate with the wider class parent population.

Activities for the general class volunteer can range between guided reading, accompanying field or class excursions, class decorations, crafting, festivity planning and generally require multiple parents. These activities are a fantastic way to get engaged with your child’s class, get to know the other students and meet other parents.


Pre-Covid the PSG organised around 40 activities and events per school year, varying from school-wide events, such as ArtBurst and Sinterklaas, to parent excursion to for example the Christmas market in Dordrecht and the Keukenhof and family activities such as Halloween or the Avondvierdaagse. We hope to be able to start organising events again in the 2021-2022 school year. Events will posted on the school app (for school parents only).

Stay Connected

You can reach the PSG via email: (for general PSG queries)