Parent Participation

Parent participation is welcomed on many levels at the ISUtrecht. Parents for instance help out with guided reading, class excursions and festivities. On a more formal level, parent input is welcomed in the Division Council, a body that plays an advisory role for certain areas of school vision and planning.

Potential parent roles within ISUtrecht

Every class at the ISUtrecht has a class parent who liaises between teacher and parents, ensuring parent helpers when needed.

Areas parents could be asked to help with:

  • accompanying school trips
  • supporting with large scale celebrations
  • decorating the class for units or celebrations
  • sharing knowledge or expertise for units or celebrations
  • supporting with bigger projects, particularly in the arts
  • supporting with small-group reading
  • collecting magazines, craft items etc
  • helping with the grade 5 end of year party
  • accompanying grade 2 to swimming
  • preparing resources

Parent Support Group

Sharon Cunningham – chairperson
Jeanine Dupigny – secretary
Liesl Little – liaison between IPSSG & PSG
Carla Autelli – liaison between DC & PSG
Sarah Watson
Deepali Bhargava
Swati Jain

Rachel Lemon
Apostolia Blotsika
Lisa Yagi
Jonny Hankins
Ariella Ryner
Maria Scala
Veronica Carceller

The ISUtrecht Parent Support Group (PSG) plays a key part in helping to build a strong school community in which every family is welcomed and supported. By organising  social events and celebrations throughout the school year the PSG encourages a strong school spirit.  The PSG has several committees and these always welcome new volunteers! To find out about the work of the various committees and how you can get involved, please send an email to

To keep up to date with all activities the PSG is organising, please sign up for the PSG Newsletter, which will be send out regularly. You can contact the PSG by sending an email to

Division Council

Roosmarijn de Boer (parent; child in PYP) – from Dec 2013 – chair
Marloes Resink (staff) – from Dec 2014 – secretary
Katharina Scherpel (staff) – from January  2018
Sylvia van Nisius (support staff) – from Aug 2016
Julia Reid (staff) – from Aug 2017
Julia Arendsen (student) – from November 2017
Kislay Kanth (parent; children in MYP and DP) – from Dec 2014
Carla Autelli (parent; children in KG) – from Nov 2017

ISUtrecht has a Division Council (Medezeggenschapsraad) that conforms to the Dutch participatory model for schools, in which staff, parents and students have a voice and play an advisory role for certain areas of school vision and planning. Three parents, three staff members and a DP student form the DC. All members are elected. Rynette de Villiers (head of school) attends meetings as a representative of the school boards and in an advisory capacity. For more information, please view the ISUtrecht Division Council Regulations.

There are certain decisions, issues and/or topics that he head of school requires the prior consent and/or advice of the DC. The DC has a right to request consultation with the head of school on certain subjects. The DC also has a right to any information reasonably required for the performance of its tasks.

If you have any questions or interest in the DC, please send an email to

Please view the the DC Evalution 2016-2017.

Please view a report of the September meeting