Division Council

ISUtrecht has a Division Council (In Dutch: Medezeggenschapsraad) that conforms to the Dutch participatory model for schools, in which staff, parents and students have a voice and play an advisory role for certain areas of school vision and planning.

Three parents, three staff members and a DP student form the DC. All members are elected. Rynette de Villiers (head of school) attends meetings as a representative of the school boards and in an advisory capacity. For more information, please view the ISUtrecht Division Council Regulations.

Division Council Members

Doremieke Kruithof (parent; child in secondary ) – from November 2018
Marloes Manni (staff) – from December 2014 – Secretary
Rosa Perez (parent; child in secondary) – from November 2018 – Finance
Katharina Scherpel (primary staff) – from January  2018
Sylvia van Nisius (support staff) – from August 2016
Anne Logman (secondary staff) – from January 2019
Carla Autelli (parent; children in primary) – from November 2017

There are certain decisions, issues and/or topics that he head of school requires the prior consent and/or advice of the DC. The DC has a right to request consultation with the head of school on certain subjects. The DC also has a right to any information reasonably required for the performance of its tasks.

If you have any questions or interest in the DC, please send an email to

DC Reports