Angela Liu

Leader of Middle Years, English

Angela Liu was born and brought up in London, England but her parents or... Read more

Geertje van Hal

Leader of Diploma Years, Chemistry

After finishing UTEAch, the international teacher training track at Utre... Read more

Tessa Arentsen

Business, Pamoja Coordinator

Tessa Arentsen is Dutch and recently moved back to the Netherlands to jo... Read more

Erick Aufderheyde

Drama, After School Drama, Secondary Excursions Coordinator, ArtBurst Organisation

Erick Aufderheyde is a Dutch trained theatre director and dramaturge as ... Read more

Olivia Ayes

English, Extended Essay Coordinator

Olivia Ayes was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States a... Read more

Josie Galemmo

Individuals and Societies, Secondary Student Support Coordinator, Careers Advisor, Personal Project Coordinator

Before moving to the Netherlands in 2012, Josie Galemmo worked at ACS Eg... Read more

David de Geus

Music, ArtBurst Organisation

David de Geus is a music educator, pianist and a choir director. After ... Read more

Tommas Houterman

English, ELA, Dutch, CAS support

Having been raised in Oxford, England, Tommas Houterman stayed on to ear... Read more

Mascha Keersmaekers

Visual Arts, ArtBurst Organisation

Mascha Keersmaekers holds a bachelor’s degree and a teaching qualifica... Read more

Annabel Kjar

Visual Arts, Design, Student Council Support, Secondary Social Events Organisation

Annabel Kjar is from Australia. She is a creative person with the abilit... Read more

Jeroen Lamme

Physical Health Education (PHE)

Jeroen Lamme was born and raised in the Netherlands, in Hilversum. After... Read more

Marianne Lauritzen

ICT Coordinator, Technical Teaching Assistant

Marianne Lauritzen is from Norway, and she recently moved to the Netherl... Read more

Anne Logman

Dutch, Mother Tongue Coordinator

Anne Logman was born in Utrecht, spent her childhood in Zeist and moved ... Read more

Rosa Martin


Rosa Martin is Spanish and has been living in Rotterdam for over five ye... Read more

Liam Moody

Physical Health Education, New Teacher Coordinator, Service as Action Coordinator, CAS Coordinator

Liam Moody  is originally from England and grew up in Swindon. After p... Read more

Grace Omes

Technical Teaching Assistant

Grace was born and raised in the Philippines and obtained a degree in Me... Read more

Sara d’Orazio

English, Language Coordinator

Born in London from an English mother and an Italian father, Sara d’Or... Read more

Mikko Peltonen

Mathematics, Physics, Secondary ICT Support

Mikko Peltonen was born and raised in Turku, Finland. For as long as he ... Read more

Pilar Pereira

Spanish, Student Council Support, Secondary Social Events Organisation

Pilar Pereira was born in Vigo (Spain) and has lived in Germany from 200... Read more

Mirte Postma

MYP Individuals and Societies, DP History, Theory of Knowledge, Careers Advisor, Model United Nations Coordinator

Born and raised in the Netherlands, but always internationally oriented,... Read more

Julia Reid


Julia was born in England but emigrated to Australia when she was 3 year... Read more

Ana Yao

Media Resources, ATL Coordinator

Ana Yao is a Japanese-Brazilian. After growing up in Brazil she studied ... Read more