Geertje van Hal

Leader of Diploma Years, Chemistry

After finishing UTEAch, the international teacher training track at Utre... Read more

Liam Moody

Leader of Middle Years; Physical Health Education

Liam Moody  is originally from England and grew up in Swindon. After p... Read more

Sara d’Orazio

English, Language Coordinator

Born in London from an English mother and an Italian father, Sara d’Or... Read more

Olivia Ayes

English; Theory of Knowledge; Extended Essay Coordinator

Olivia Ayes was born in the Philippines and moved to the United States a... Read more

Tommas Houterman

English; Personal Project Coordinator

Having been raised in Oxford, England, Tommas Houterman stayed on to ear... Read more

Anne Logman

Dutch, Mother Tongue Coordinator

Anne Logman was born in Utrecht, spent her childhood in Zeist and moved ... Read more

Jelle Zoon


Jelle Zoon was born and raised in Utrecht. After completing secondary sc... Read more

Nicole Boerma

Primary Student Support Coordinator; Dutch

Nicole Boerma has been teaching in Dutch primary schools since 2001. She... Read more

Jenna van der Vegte

Student Support; Individuals and Societies

Jenna van der Vegte was born and raised in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.... Read more

Josie Galemmo

Secondary Student Support Coordinator; Individuals and Societies

Before moving to the Netherlands in 2012, Josie Galemmo worked at ACS Eg... Read more

Nell Crawford

History; Pamoja Coordinator

Nell Crawford is American and grew up in Seattle during the explosion of... Read more

Amaya Menendez

Chemistry; Geography

Amaya Menendez was born in Madrid, Spain and has a PhD in Geochemistry. ... Read more

Lilia Myszkowska

Mathematics; Approaches to Learning

Lilia Myszkowska was born and raised in Bulgaria, in one of the oldest c... Read more

Angela Liu

Deputy Head of School; Theory of Knowledge; Music

Angela Liu was born and brought up in London, England but her parents or... Read more

Juan Osorio


Juan Osorio is a music educator and professional classical saxophonist. ... Read more

Annabel Kjar

Visual Arts; Design

Annabel Kjar is from Australia. She is a creative person with the abilit... Read more

Ana Yao

Media Resources; Approaches to Learning; Computational Thinking

Ana Yao is a Japanese-Brazilian. After growing up in Brazil she studied ... Read more

Jeroen Lamme

Physical Health Education

Jeroen Lamme was born and raised in the Netherlands, in Hilversum. After... Read more

Nick Bolhuis

Physical Health Education

Nick Bolhuis was born and raised in the Netherlands, in Culemborg. In th... Read more

Elzemiek Chell

School psychologist

Elzemiek Chell was born and raised in the Netherlands. Elzemiek started ... Read more