Personal Project Exhibition was a roaring success!
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Personal Project Exhibition was a roaring success!

The Personal Project Presentation Evening is the culmination of months of independent research, problem solving, creating, designing and building. On Thursday 16 February the students could finally present their findings and experiences to their parents, peers and staff.

-by Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

The IB Middle Years Programme culminates in the Personal Project. A project where students follow their passion, show independent research skills and showcase all the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skills they have acquired during the 5 years of the Middle Years Programme. It was lovely that we could finally invite our parents to the Personal Project Exhibition again, ensuring that students had a much bigger audience to present their work to.

PP Awards 2023

For the first time visitors to the exhibition could vote for their favourite Personal Project in 5 categories:

  • The most helpful to a community project: Pieter
  • The best research skills (ATL) used throughout the project : Teja
  • The most outstanding product: Daymian
  • The best reflection and learning outcomes project: Yoshita
  • The most innovative project: Brodie

PP Exhibition Film

I would like to thank Yoshi, Austin, Tarushi & Giacomo, who were brave enough to present their Personal Project on camera. A special thanks to Personal Project Coordinator Ms Andrea Romero, for making this exhibition such a success.