English Language and Literature in the MYP
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English Language and Literature in the MYP

This is how our MYP English Language and Literature team makes the lessons a little more interesting!

-by Yoo Lee, Noumidia Ziani, Katinka Wilmink, MYP English Language and Literature

Word of the day

Grade 6 English Language and Literature students have recently started a new and exciting literacy project! Word of the Day is a student-led initiative that is not only expanding vocabulary choices but also generating genuine interest in language learning.

At the start of each English lesson, one Grade 6 student shares their researched Word of the Day with the rest of their classmates. As part of their research, students provide a definition of their chosen word, use the word in an example sentence, and teach the correct pronunciation to others.

Once the Word of the Day has been introduced, students are then encouraged to create a sentence using the new word. Grade 6 English teachers have been very impressed with the students’ choices and have enjoyed seeing students use vocabulary from other subjects than English.

Students have chosen a wide variety of words so far, ones that will likely be found in science, music, and drama classrooms. These are some excellent Word of the Day choices made by students:

· cacophony

· exquisite

· fatuous

· fossilize

· inhibition

· intricate

· pessimistic

Grade 6 students are truly becoming the greatest vocabulary wizards at ISU!

Dystopian types Wall of Fame

Starting their new dystopian fiction unit, the grade 9 students have been eagerly collaborating on creating a dystopian wall of fame. Divided into four types of dystopias, government control, environmental destruction, technological control and survival/post-apocalyptic, the students first brainstormed and wrote down all the dystopian movies they have watched, books they have read and games they have played. Once that was done, the students had to put them into the four different dystopian categories mentioned above. The final result of this activity is the wonderful Dystopian Fiction Types collage seen above.