Drama in Primary Years
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Drama in Primary Years

It has been an exciting year so far in our PYP drama classes. Learners have transitioned from having only 7 weeks of drama per year, to a lesson every week, and it has been a fun new experience for us all.

-by Glen Hodgson PYP Drama Teacher

We started the year refamiliarizing ourselves with the elements of drama through various games and craft activities. As the units moved on to become more grade-specialized, we have had a lot of fun learning about ‘all things drama’ – from storytelling to mime, scriptwriting to tableau, and impromptu as well as rehearsed skits. Drama has helped us learn more about our own and other cultures. We even brought mythical characters to life in the form of a play when the Grade 3’s brilliantly performed a scene from ‘Odysseus and the Cyclops’!

The amazing Grade 3 Blue cast of ‘Odysseus and the Cyclops’!

Awaiting our own Drama Room

Using the teacher home classrooms for drama class has been a challenge for both me and the students, but with everyone’s involvement and enthusiasm, we have made it work. The exciting news is that the new Papendorp Campus brings with it a brand-new drama room, which is dedicated solely to Grades 1 through 5, and will offer a functional, creative, and professional space for us to continue our learning.

Learners in Grade 2 Blue showing off their ‘Tableau’ skills

Brave Little Performers

I would like to applaud all our children for their enthusiasm and bravery when it comes to participating in drama class. It’s not easy to stand up in front of your peers and perform, but every learner has had the courage to get involved, and I am super proud of each-and-every one.

Looking ahead

What does the rest of the year look like? Next up, after the February break the younger grades will be entering the exciting world of puppet theatre, while the Grade 3s will continue to focus on bringing scripts to life. Grade 4s will be diving into the drama that is the history of our own city of Utrecht, and I’ll be helping your Grade 5s make sure that they are fully prepared for the upcoming exhibition by focusing on presentation skills.