Construction started; new school campus at Papendorp is taking shape!
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Construction started; new school campus at Papendorp is taking shape!

On 6 February the first unit of our new school building was placed on the plot at Utrecht Papendorp. In July 2023 International School Utrecht will move into the new semi-permanent building at the Van Deventerlaan.

-by Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

We are excited to see our new building taking shape, as the extra space allows the school to grow to 1200 students. More importantly, it also means that our vision for “one school, one campus” will become reality, as from the start of the next academic year we will have all students under one roof again. Our after school care partner Kind & Co will also use the building offering BSO for various age groups. Parents whose children already go to the BSO, are guaranteed a place a the Papendorp BSO.

The first of a total of 444 prefabricated units was placed on Monday 6 February. Board members Jeroen Kreijkamp and Anko van Hoepen, as well as Head of School Marieke Folkers and Deputy Head Kate Corder were present. It is very exciting to see that construction is underway and the building is slowly taking shape. We will regularly keep you up to date of the progress through this News Bulletin, but also on social media (Intstagram and LinkedIn). But of course, you can also visit the site, to go see for yourself!

Thanks to secondary school parents Jenny and Paul who sent us pictures regularly, we can show you the new campus taking shape.

Reaching the new building

The place marker wit the heart is the location of the new building at the Van Deventerlaan.

The new building at the Van Deventerlaan is very easy to reach by bike, car, and public transport. There is a bus stop on the Orteliuslaan, called Papendorp P+R, which is 100 metres from the new school building. You can get there by taking bus 10, 24, 29, 48 and 102. There will be a new cycle path from the school to the Orteliuslaan.

Meet & Mingle

In the picture to the left you can see the design for the new campus. It will be a single storey building for max 1200 students in the shape of an eight, wrapped around two green open spaces where we can meet and mingle. Both in those central spaces and next to the building, there will be enough space to play outside. There will of course also be space to park bikes and cars. A semi-permanent sports hall will be built on site and we will also use an outdoor sports facility close to the school.

Permanent campus

We will stay at Papendorp until the end of the 2025-2026 academic year, as we are expecting to move to our permanent campus at Utrecht Science Park in August 2026.