Secondary Student Council 2022-23
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Secondary Student Council 2022-23

Hello, ISU community! We are the new student council, consisting of secondary students from MYP 5, grade 10. Thank you for electing us! We look forward to a meaningful year ahead for the whole community.

-by Tejaswini, President, student council

President Teja

First on our team, we have the president, Teja. She is the newest member of the PC (Participation Council) and is committed to her role of representing the student body, implementing ideas, and supervising the functioning of student body officers. 

Vice president Samhith

Second on our team, we have the vice president, Samhith. He is responsible and dedicated to his role of planning after-school activities, working with students, and communicating with class representatives.

Treasurer Jack

Third on our team, we have the treasurer, Jack. He is organized and excited about his role in financial management, checking processes, and giving the board financial strategy advice.

Secretary Paula

Last but certainly not least, we have the secretary, Paula. She is hardworking and devoted to her role of taking notes through meetings, guaranteeing students access to documents, and maintaining transparency within the student council.

Our Council

New Year’s Party

As a student council, we are currently working on planning a New Year’s party for secondary students. We hope to host the party outside of school this year and are looking into possible venues and themes.

This year, we will plan events such as a Valentine’s Day celebration, an Easter egg hunt, an end-of-year party, and much more. We hope to receive feedback from students throughout the year, and we will try our best to fulfill the wishes of everyone. We would like to thank the students and teachers for electing us as the new student council and we look forward to working with everyone on future projects!