Parent Play Mornings in Kindergarten are back
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Parent Play Mornings in Kindergarten are back

‘Here we are together, back at school again’ Once upon a time we lived in a world where physical parental contribution to their children’s learning was at the forefront at ISUtrecht. Parents were always welcome in the KG classrooms for the first 10-15 minutes of the day to help settle their children, play with them, network with other parents and create a true community feeling as parents, teachers and children working together to better further their development.

-by Raakhee Ramaija, classroom teacher KG Orange

Teachers were always in awe of seeing the bond between parents and their children and listening to them communicating in their home languages. It was great to see the beauty of how relationships within the families shaped the way the children presented themselves amongst their peers. It was also lovely to see the dedication with which parents tried to understand how and what their children were learning by asking them to talk them through different displays and learning areas. 

Then 2020 arrived and the Corona pandemic put a stop to everything we used to take for granted. Instead of coming to school and going to work, families had to deal with remote learning, working from home, no social play dates, fear of the unknown, fear of leaving your own four walls and fear of travelling. That short four letter word FEAR overwhelmed us all when we had to get used to stepping out again. These times were difficult for us all; educators and parents alike, but the ones affected the most, were our children. Children missed out on basic social skills, communications skills, thinking skills and what we pride upon the most at ISUtrecht, becoming risk takers. 

We all feel the aftermath of the pandemic but it is…

  • Time to take a stand
  • Time to make a change
  • Time to give our young ones the opportunities they missed
  • Time to connect
  • Time to learn
  • Time to collaborate 
  • Time to get our community physically back into school

And with this in mind, KG have reintroduced parent play mornings. As much as we would love to do this everyday, we know that expectations have changed. We are hoping to increase the play moments in the near future. For now we are grateful to our parents for their commitment to come into the classroom once a week for 20 minutes to engage in their child’s learning. We value our parents communicating and playing using their home languages. We also admire the relationship you share when interacting with a group of parents and children and we thank you for understanding how important play is when learning new concepts.

This is what our parents think:

‘This is such an important moment for us to see how our children are learning and there are great activity ideas for us to try at home too’ – Arjun’s father

‘I enjoy the play mornings because often we are so busy with our own routines that I never get to spend dedicated time with Saket. He always gets excited for the play morning because he knows I can stay and learn with him’ – Saket’s mother

‘They have such independence in tasks we would always think they would need assistance for. I think we will get her to do more chopping, peeling and grating at home!’ – Ilisha’s father

Here we are together, back at school again. We are ISUtrecht and we pride ourselves in connecting as a community to further our own journey as well as our young citizens who will shape the future.