Career Paths Event at ISUtrecht for students and parents
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Career Paths Event at ISUtrecht for students and parents

Thursday 24 November was a busy day of learning about career paths in grades 10-12. Some of our parent community generously volunteered to present about their own career path journeys.  

By Kelly Murray, DP careers advisor and DP1 students Maria and Jana

There was a wide range of careers represented from product design, chemistry, Data modelling to International development with UNICEF. University representatives from some Scottish universities then presented to DP students, to give them further information about study options in the UK.

What our students thought

‘Last Thursday evening the DP1 classes got to skip their last period to follow a series of parents presenting about their unique career path ranging from an assistant professor in chemical engineering teaching at TU Delft to development of international aid in UNICEF. All of the wide range of job careers were able to inspire many students but also allow them to explore further than their own interests. The presenters were also able to talk about their background story and how they reached their goals which was very motivating to many students. We were all so excited and interested in every single one of the presentations and we are very grateful that these parents took time to inspire us with their career path. Later we were also able to attend a presentation for universities in Scotland as representatives from each one came to our school to promote their universities. The presenter’s energies and important information kept us engaged and allowed us to explore other options for when we decide the universities we want to pick. Overall, the Thursday afternoon, allowed us to be open-minded about many career paths, even the ones we are slightly less interested in and explore and consider universities from other places in the world.’ – Maria

Great Advice

‘On Thursday the 24th of November, the school organised a careers session where we could learn more about possible career paths. Personally, I learned a lot from this experience, while only one person spoke about a career that might be interesting to me, the other speakers also gave great advice that could apply to anyone in any career. To me this was very helpful. The speakers were kind enough to answer as many questions as they could with enthusiasm. After the sessions I spoke with some of the people in my grade and it was amazing to see all these different people, gain different lessons and inspirations from the same session.’ – Jana

A big thank you to  our (parent) speakers: Richie Gilbert, Jonathan Hankins, Laura Rossi, Inga Klaassen, Anna Shvarts, Iana Tsande, Chandrani Mukherjee and Olivia Ayes.

Make sure to sign up to the careers Instagram account @careers_isutrecht to keep informed about upcoming events, such as the alumni event which will take place on Jan 26th, in which ISU graduates will speak to DP students about their university courses and life since they left ISU!