3D Compositions- Integrated Arts
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3D Compositions- Integrated Arts

In the music department, we have carried out a project on a 3D musical composition (interdisciplinary activity on music, art, and languages). With intriguing stories, beautiful drawings describing those ideas and experimenting on the piano and auxiliary musical instruments while setting the scene, the students presented their chilling, romantic and adventurous stories. A great start to our integrated arts future!

-by Elena Romano Martín, PYP & MYP Teacher- Music

Creative learners

The students expressed themselves artistically and enjoyed demonstrating a great level of creativity and “unimaginable” imagination. In addition, they were able to discover the importance of teamwork and the personality of other classmates with whom they usually did not work.

The element of Surprise

In the final presentation, where they could show great speaking skills and self-confidence, they voted for those compositions that surprised them the most. Those projects with the most votes will soon be posted in the main Aula, once they transcribe their non-traditional notation, to traditional musical writing (in the 5 lines of the staff). The rest of the compositions will be posted in their own classes where everyone is welcome to see it!

We will continue sharing with our new projects with you all!