DP 1 Music Concert – Presenting with Music
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DP 1 Music Concert – Presenting with Music

DP Music is divided into 3 components (4 for HL): Presenting, Exploring, Experimenting, (Contemporary Music Maker). The component that DP1 Music students are currently working on is “Presenting”.  This means that they are putting their ‘best foot forward’ in what they can do as a musician within the defined roles of researcher, performer, and creator.  he focus in the Presenting component  is on performing.

-by Paul Kemp, DP Music

Any student is welcome to join DP Music, regardless of experience.  The DP Music curriculum is catered to the individual and their goals as a musician, and the progress that they have made from the start of the course until the ‘end’.  (But when does an artist truly end their journey?)  Key words in DP Music are “diversity” and “collaboration”.  My role, as the students’ mentor, is to help find purpose and meaning in each of the roles they are experiencing throughout the course (researcher, performer, creator). 

‘Show ‘Em What You Got’

Our first unit is called “Show ‘Em What You Got”, and the DP1 Music class has done just that.  On Thursday 10 November they performed in the Pioneer Aula for family, friends, and staff.  Music styles were diverse, that’s for sure, from the harrowing “Zombie”, by The Cranberries, to “Binary Sunset” from Star Wars (John Williams), to a traditional vocal piece from Turkey, to “Payphone” by Maroon 5, and beyond. 

You just have to jump!

It really is (and was) such a joy to watch the students practice and perform.  It is difficult to get on stage and perform.  It’s like bungee jumping: you just have to jump!  Anxiety is normal; to make mistakes is human; to make music is the best.  The fact that each member of this class had the courage to get up in front of an audience, and play from beginning to end, is worthy of being a risk-taker and should be given a high-five (if you see them around).

The next DP1 Music performance will be in February, before the break.  Students in every secondary grade (G6-12) also have opportunities to perform at ISU Noon Tunes, which happen once a month at lunch-time for each grade group (G6-8, G9-10, G11-12).  A message is sent on Managebac roughly 2 weeks before each ISU Noon Tunes. Unless otherwise posted, ISU Noon Tunes happen in the Secondary Music Room (ES039). 

See you there!