In Maastricht with DP1s
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In Maastricht with DP1s

On the Dp1 Maastricht trip, the students were given a chance to explore a city in the South of the Netherlands that borders Belgium. Maastricht is a historically rich city with a very lively student population. From the University of Maastricht to the bowling alley, from ceramics to the caves, from charades to hot chocolate, this trip was all about learning, bonding and having fun!

-by Evie Morton, Anne Logman and students of DP1

Day 1

During the trip we stayed at the Stayokay hostel in Maastricht.
On our first day we arrived at Maastricht at around 11:30. We left our bags at the Stayokay and went on to do some activities. Firstly, we visited a university in Maastricht, where we were greeted by a former ISUtrecht student who is now studying at Maastricht University. After having introduced us to the university she showed us around and explained to us various different things such as the way of teaching and the overall lifestyle in Maastricht. After a couple of hours we met up in the center of Maastricht, from there we went to the Stayokay and left our bags and were given free time to either stay around the hostel or explore the city. We all came to dinner at the Stayokay at 6 or 6:30PM depending on the group you were in and after a nice dinner in the hostel we were aloud to do various different activities inside of the hostel.

Day 2

The next day we went on a city tour, which lasted around 1.5 hours. We learned about many different things in the city of Maastricht and afterwards we went to a pottery workshop were we picked an item of pottery and had around 2 hours to paint it and decorate it to our liking. It was a very fun experience and very relaxing, we were told that our pieces would arrive to school the following week. After this it was around lunch time and we were allowed to have free time for the rest of the day, after having had dinner as usual different activities were setup such as table tennis and trivia but most interestingly there was an UCL group stage match day so a group of people interested in football watched the UCL at the Stayokay. 

Day 3

On our final day, we went to the Maastricht Caves, where we were shown around and told the incredibly interesting history behind these caves. After this 2 hour visit we went back to the Stayokay and enjoyed our last few minutes in the hostel until our bus arrived and we were on our way to ISUtrecht. In total, the trip lasted from Monday morning until Wednesday afternoon and I’d say it was a very fun and enriching experience, not only did I learn many new things but I got to bond with many of my friends and classmates and especially with the teachers. Special thanks to Mr Lorenzo, Ms Logman, Mr Nick, Ms Syntha, Ms Murray and Ms Morton for making the trip such a great experience.

Students speak

I’d say the highlight of my trip was exploring the city of Maastricht during my free time, which gave me the opportunity to get to know and bond with new students and peers I haven’t gotten to interact with before. On top of that, we got the chance to gain our own understanding of the city itself according to our own interests and got to learn about a university we might want to attend in the future. -TJ DP1

My favourite thing about our trip to Maastricht was being with all my classmates and spending every second of the day with them, I formed bonds with people I wasn’t as close to and together we were able to explore the beautiful city of Maastricht. Visiting the university and living in Maastricht for a few days, felt as if I was a university student myself, I fell in love with the university and the diverse students in it but I also loved the city of Maastricht. It was a lovely break from school. -Maria DP1