Kinderboekenweek at ISUtrecht
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Kinderboekenweek at ISUtrecht

Kinderboekenweek is a national event celebrated throughout the Netherland in schools, libraries and book stores from October 5th-16th. For ISUtrecht’s PYP students and staff, it is one of the highlight moments of the school year as we all get to dress up as our favourite book characters and enjoy some special moments in the library and in the classrooms.

– by Noa Hilevitz Yoseph, Librarian


Each year a different theme is chosen for the Kinderboekenweek, and this year’s theme was Gi-ga-groen, focusing on ‘Nature and Animals’. Eleanor and Noa decided to dress up as Frog and Toad (by Arnold Loebel) and took the time to walk around the primary classrooms, admiring and guessing some fantastic and creative costumes, and reading about some of the adventures from the book “Frog and Toad”.

Volunteers welcomed

The library team was preparing a display, connected with the main theme as well as with the changing seasons, which was beautifully designed and crafted by our volunteer parents and SAA secondary students. This year, during the Kinderboekenweek, our lovely support staff were invited to come and read some of their favorite Childrens’ books to our primary classes. It was heartwarming to see how elevated our readers felt while interacting with the young students. 


Another exciting event linked with this week was the Bookmark design competition for all our PYP students. The event was initiated and organized by Miss Megan (whom we enjoyed collaborating with). The theme for the bookmark design was “The Magic of Reading”. The submission numbers were beyond expectations and the judges had to take their time while choosing the best bookmarks from each grade level. Please find the winners here!

Blessed with books

Looking back at this enjoyable week and a half, encouraging leadership and the love of reading is something we do throughout the year, though, this focus we have on it during this week, while making more connections within our community, makes it even more special.