Art room
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Art room

It has been years in the making but I am very excited to announce that primary students at ISUtrecht finally have an art room!

-by Sacha Sukasam, Visual arts teacher

A creative mess

Something that we have always wanted: A room of our own! A meeting room has now been transformed into a space where our students can be free to make a mess and comfortably explore their creativity. Furthermore, for the first time primary will be having visual arts for the whole year (as opposed to only half of the academic year in the previous years). This creates an opportunity for more continuous learning as well as a chance for the students to engage in bigger and more exciting projects. From Kindergarten to Grade 5, we have agreed on the ways we will be conducting ourselves in the new classroom by following guidelines: 

A -ttitude:  

Having a positive attitude when coming art by managing and controlling our emotions.  

R -espect: 

We respect everything and everyone in the classroom including our materials and the room itself.  

T -alk in Turns: 

Raise your hand if you have something to say, listen to others when they are speaking. 

I -magination: 

Feel free to explore your creativity and don’t be afraid to get weird.  

S -peak for Yourself: 

We are an international community, we all have different understandings of how things work. We listen and accept different perspectives.  

T -ry:  

Don’t give up, you got this! 

Keep an eye out on what we will get up to this year!