What a party! 10-year anniversary celebrations
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What a party! 10-year anniversary celebrations

How lucky were we? Fantastic food and products from all over the world, music, games, ice cream, crafts and wall to wall sunshine marked our 10-year anniversary celebrations on Wednesday 7 September. A heartfelt thank you to all parents, staff and students for cooking, serving, selling, helping out or simply for just showing up to celebrate!

-By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications advisor; pictures and 10-year slide show by Andrea Kfouri

The festivities started with handing out (1200!) cupcakes with our new logo to all students and staff. From 11:30 all primary and secondary students made their way over to the primary playground to join the official opening ceremony. Led by music teacher Juan Osorio, we made the school song sound so impressive singing it with 1150 students and staff. After the school song, head of school Marieke Folkers explained the meaning of the apple tree.

“When we started 10 years ago, we chose the apple tree as our symbol”, she said. “The apple tree symbolises trust and gratitude. Besides, people still plant this tree next to their house for protection but also to receive love. All these symbols stand for our school. On that first day, 10 years ago, we had a beautiful tree with a lot of apples in it. Different students picked them as they were all ready for a new adventure. A new school that needed the trust and love to grow, with strong branches and deep roots”.

Board Member Anko van Hoepen (SPO Utrecht; pictures above) spoke about the importance of an international school and expressed the wish that schools around the city could learn from ISUtrecht how to educate a diverse group of students representing so many different backgrounds, languages, and cultures.

Wishes for the future

Four of our students also told the audience why they love coming to our school and what they would wish for the ISUtrecht:

‘All the people in the school are special. It doesn’t matter if we are different because we are all together. I like school because at school dreams become reality.’ – Pranaya, grade 2

‘Our school is super special because we all speak different languages and have awesome traditions and cultures. I learn lots of new things at school and when I share my ideas with my parents, they learn new things too! I hope this school stays super special for ever and ever.’ – Louvina, grade 4

‘Our school is special because everyone tries to be open minded to each other and our ideas, and everyone comes to school with a special energy towards each other. I like going to this school because I feel comfortable in my school environment because everyone is respected and admired.I wish for a lot of other people to come to this school and experience the exceptional energy!’ – Rithwik, grade 8

‘Having a school community which bonds so well is something special. We are coming from different backgrounds, cultures, values, and we are still managing to create special bonds & friendships.Being able to attend ISU allows me to be open, share my emotions and my own culture & values with the many other students. This is something I hold dearly.As our mission statement says ‘a community learning for world citizenship’ I look forward to creating an even bigger community of Internationaly minded students and teachers in the future.’ – Koen, DP1 (grade 11)

Looking back on 10 Years ISUtrecht

Please enjoy the slide show made by school parent Andrea Kfouri.

Food Market, Fun & Games

It was great to be able to sample so many delicacies from across the globe and to look at the beautiful products made or imported by our school parents. The already buoyant atmosphere was further lifted by band performances from our DP music students and some great student DJ-ing!

Our youngest students could enjoy two bouncy castles on the primary playground, ask the balloon clown to make them a flower or a sword and enjoy the giant bubbles produced by some of older students.

The primary students found a huge obstacle course on the UniC playground, where their parents could enjoy a coffee from the barista van. There was ice cream for all on the primary playground!

We asked the student council to think with us on the type of entertainment the older students would like and I think we can all agree that the giant wipe out and rodeo bull were a huge success! The bean bags and photo booth and student designed selfie frames created the perfect festival vibe on the parking lot!

It was wonderful to celebrate together and we will certainly bring you more of this in the future!