Looking ahead to an exciting school year with Marieke Folkers, head of school
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Looking ahead to an exciting school year with Marieke Folkers, head of school

The fact that the holidays already seem a while ago shows what an active start to the school year we have had! To start with the whole team without Covid restrictions and then have all students back at school that same week is, in one word, fantastic! Holidays are wonderful, but to see everyone again is even better.

– by Marieke Folkers, Head of school

It was incredibly nice to see all parents again during the information evening we hosted at our neighbours’ aula at UniC, where we looked ahead together to what this school year has in store for us. It was great to announce that we will see ourselves in a new environment at Papendorp next school year! Of course, our dream remains our building at Utrecht Science Park, but the fact that we can continue to grow in the meantime and prepare ourselves for the next move is great. Several meetings are planned in the coming weeks about what the building will look like and if we know more about this, we will of course share this with you.


We also saw a lot of people together during the festivities and food market on our 10th anniversary. For me personally, it was a big milestone, because I had never seen the whole school together. I enjoyed it so much. Add to that, all the delicious food and the enormous enthusiasm and you know why this day will be etched in my memory, forever. Moving on, I can’t wait for the next 10 years. We have such a beautiful community together and that became clear again during our party. Thanks to everyone who helped and thanks to everyone who attended.

Meet & Greet

As you have already been able to read in the school app, we are organising online meet & greets again this school year. I look forward to talking further with you. Let’s make it a good school year together!