International school Utrecht Class of 2022 – May results
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International school Utrecht Class of 2022 – May results

On 5 July, the IB DP results for the May 2022 cohort were released across the world. We are extremely pleased to share that we have a 98% pass rate, 5 students scoring above 40 (out of 45) points, and 6 students scoring full core (TOK/EE) points. We are so proud of the resilience these students have shown, amidst uncertainties and unpredictable changes.

-by Olivia Ayes, Leader of the Diploma Programme

Our statistics:

Number of candidates that registered in the session: 54

Number of candidates that successfully passed the diploma: 53

Passing rate: 98%

Passing rate (May session worldwide): not yet known

ISUtrecht average points: 32

ISUtrecht highest score: 42 (2x)

Number of students obtaining a bilingual diploma: 16

Predicted Grade Process

Just like last year, this year’s Predicted Grade process involved a number of steps before it could be accepted by the IB. Due to the threat of another pandemic lockdown or other force majeure (i.e. war), the IB required schools to follow a predicted grade distribution based on historical data once again. These allocations meant that for most subjects, we were “capped” at predicting how many 7s or 6s we could allocate to students. We were allowed to surpass the allocations, as long as we can prove it with previous exam-condition assessments (i.e. mock exams).

The IB required this so that schools were not over-predicting and abiding by academic integrity guidelines and practices. In the end, our May 2022 students took the exams, which meant that Predicted Grades were not used to award final grades. Students submitted Internal Assessments (IAs) and sat exam papers for their subjects, most of which were adjusted due to the additional challenges of the pandemic.

World Statistics

For the May exam sessions, usually about 90,000 students take the DP exams (see the IB DP Statistical Bulletins). The average pass rate ranges from 77.40% (2015) to 88.96% (2021). In the coming days, the most current statistics will be released.

Next year’s cohort

For the May 2023 cohort (current DP1s), the IB has been firm about returning to the “previous normal” of having 3 to 4 exam components per subject. This group will not have a reduced load as the previous two cohorts, but we are certain that they have the skills and motivation to achieve their target goals.