Report from the Avond4daagse Leidscherijn
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Report from the Avond4daagse Leidscherijn

Lots of ISUtrecht families took part in the Avond4daagse Leidscherijn last week. Hania, one of the students finishing all four 5 km walks, tells you all about her adventures last week. Her medal takes pride of place in her bedroom!

-by Hania, student 6P

Day 1: Confusion & Stamps

The first day of Avond4Daagse was probably the most confusing day of all. The day started off by everyone trying to find the meeting point of our school and getting our first stamps of the day. After this we were all ready to start walking but right before that we realised that a few people did not arrive yet. The parents decided that we should wait a few more minutes in case some one arrived later, however no one did. We started walking our first 5 km. Everything was really nice and there even was some music when we were walking. Also, after our first 2 km, we  got a little snack (apples). In the end it probably took us a bit over an hour to make the 5 km walking. At the end of the walk, we went to get our stamps for finishing our first day. 

Day 2: Forests & Popsicles

The second day was a lot more relaxed. It was more relaxed because we all knew where the starting point was and how to get to it, and also at what time we needed to arrive and everything like that. We got the stamps, showing that we are going to do our second 5 km. we started walking and this time we walked also in between forests and nature. It was really hot on Wednesday, so we all got popsicles! We kept on walking until we reached the finish. This walk was also around 1 hour long. When we reached our starting point, we all went to get our stamps for finishing the second day of Avond4Daagse. 

Day 3: Fast walking & Dreaming about medals

The third day was almost the same as the second day. We went to the meeting point and got our stamps. We started walking and this time we went walking through the nature. This time for a snack we got bread with raisins and mandarins. The 5 km passed by really fast (at least for me) and before we knew it, we were already back at the starting point. We went to get our stamps and went home, thinking about the last day and the medals we were going to get. 

Day 4: High fives & Music

This was the last day. We met all together, got our stamps and started walking. At first, we were walking like usual but after 1,5 km we started slowing down a lot because of cars and all the schools had to stop and wait for the green light to come again. After walking 1.5 – 2 km we stopped by the road because we got a little present for walking these 4 days! We got a bag of candy and also some juice. We were all really happy and when we started walking again, we realised that music was playing! It was a really nice day and when we were almost at the end of the walk and then families and friends of other people were all standing at the side of the road, and we got high fives. After this we arrived at the finish line, had to show the staff that we walked all the 4 days, and we got our medals! It was a really nice day and even though we were supposed to walk  a bit less then 5 km it turned out that it took us a bit over 2 hours.