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Pronkstukken is a music and performance project, run through Utrecht’s Tivoli Vredenburg and their highly talented crew of music composers and technical crew, which provides students with a unique opportunity to work in a large collaborative ensemble, to compose, create and perform a 30-minute performance to a live audience in Tivoli’s Cloud Nine theatre, after an intensive 3-day rehearsal period.

-by Judith O’Brien, English and Drama teacher, Arts coordinator

This year, a group of 34 grade 10 students, composed of the grade 10 Music class, and a few students from the drama class, worked closely with two talented composers to create a unique performance piece. This piece was inspired by snippets from Verdi’s Requiem.

Three days of creativity

Over 3 days, the students were guided through an intensively creative process, which challenged the students, and activated their creative impulses and collaborative skills, leading to a truly authentic performance. Their performance was representative of them as a group, and expressed ideas and feelings that are important to them.

The message

The performance had a meaningful message for their audience of peers, parents and teachers, with themes such as fear of judgement, reaching for personal freedom, and liberation. It was a beautiful and moving performance, and the students were buzzing with energy at the end, hugging each other and chatting to their friends and family, showing that they felt very proud of what they had achieved. As the composers said: “They crushed it!”