Music therapy, painting, animation and much more showcased at PYP Exhibition 2022
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Music therapy, painting, animation and much more showcased at PYP Exhibition 2022

Under de overarching transdisciplinary theme ‘How to express ourselves’, students in grade 5 worked towards their exhibition; thinking about key concept questions, lines of inquiry, how to get their information and finally putting a display board together and present their work to the school community last Friday. Parents are invited to watch the Exhibition today, Tuesday 7 June

-by Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications advisor

Of course, you can never talk to all the students, but I had a really good time talking to Su and Mrinal (5 White), Vivaan (5 Red), Avani (5 Blue) and Itamar, Max and Mia (5 Orange). I consequently learned about ballet and violin music and was amazed by Su, who choreographed her own ballet to a piece of music she played herself on the violin. Vivaan on the other hand is really into animation and gave me a clear lecture about the origin of animation and also the future of animation; how it could help explain medical procedures or new engineering technologies.

Classical music

Mrinal had so much to tell me about the cognitive benefits of music, we could have talked for hours. From her research and interview she had learned that especially classical music, because of its complex structure, could help ‘your brain work harder’. Her survey results showed that people feel they can concentrate better listening to music and that it also helps them to work through their emotions. She then had me listen to a piece of classical music she played herself on her keyboard.

Sea foam

To help save the sea turtle, Avani (5 Blue) taught herself how to paint poignant pictures using acrylic paint. She talked to a painter to get some tips on how to paint water and sea foam. She worked really hard to portray the sea turtle in a blissful seascape and to portray the same turtle in a seascape filled with plastic. This plastic is both floating int he water, but also covering the sea turtle. I think Avani did a great job getting her message across.

Itamar (Grade 5 Orange) has taken the opportunity of Exhibition to learn more about graffiti, an art form that he was passionate about anyway. He learned a lot by interviewing both an Israelian and a Dutch graffiti artist. These artists had a lot in common in the sense that their graffiti is mainly meant to light up and beautify the cities they live in. Itamar, however, feels he wants to use his graffiti to convey a strong message and take action. In this case he strongly feels that the war in Ukraine should stop. That’s why he made his ‘Stop War’ graffitti.

Max (grade 5 Orange) is into architecture, in fact, has always been into architecture, at least for the last 5 years. He looked into how different cultures inspire different types of architecture. He found out that the materials that are available in a certain place hugely influence the design of the buildings. Architecture is also an expression of beliefs, for example in Japan a house should not be placed directly on the ground, according to Max, to keep the evil spirits out. He is very proud of the building he designed himself, a pop-up shop with dual vanishing points.

Mia (grade 5 Orange) chose dance as her favourite form of expression, as she has been dancing since she was 3 years old. She found out that dancing not only is a great way to express your emotions, but that it also keeps you happy and healthy. She chose to take action by making 2 choreographies. The first one she taught to a group of Kindergarten students at school. The second one to a bunch of older kids at the dance studio in Nieuwegein where she goes for classes.

Huge congratulations to all grade 5 students exhibiting their work!