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Chess stress

The ISUChess Club comprises of a group of students who meet after school, once a week. They share their skill set, learn new techniques, challenge each other and cheer for each other!

-by Anita Muso, Chess club coordinator

On Wednesday 15th June 2022, The ISUChess Club had the pleasure to host students, a teacher and parents form Rivers Arnhem International School for a friendly chess match between the two schools.

Learning through competing

It was an enjoyable day of making new friends with comparing, pitting and learning new skills for both students and teachers alike. ISUChess Club also bagged the gold, silver and bronze awards for the Advanced level and a silver medal for the Intermediate group.

A round of applause for our players


1. Arthava 4W (Gold)
2. Dhruv 4W (Silver)
3. Sevya 2R (Bronze)
4. Suvash 5R
5. Arun 4R
6. Misha 4W
7. Arnaz 2W


  1. Rithvik 3B(Silver)
  2. Robin 5B
  3. Sathvik 3W
  4. Palash 2W
  5. Kavin 2W
  6. Aadyant 1W
  7. Riaan 1W (Reserve)

At the end of the day, we waved ‘see you later’ to our new friends as we look forward to more matches with them soon.