Outstanding Overijssel – reports from Heino
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Outstanding Overijssel – reports from Heino

Our grade 6 students were away to Heino for a 4-day fun filled, action packed camp. For these students it is – as one of our parents commented on a school Instagram post – their first time away independently. ‘Enjoy kids, ur firsthand experience of hostel life and independence’.

Day 1

– by Ms Annabel Kjar

We had to find our own way to camp using the GPS. Instead, or on the way, we saw cows on the road, beautiful horses and stinky cows. For some of us it was a long way!

After lunch we went to organise our beds then we fed bread to llamas, chickens, emus and deer. Some of us got our fingers bitten! It was funny to see Mr. Lamme with the llamas.

Tonight we are playing outside at our summer camp Heino or watching a movie at our own cinema (and enjoying a lot of candy!)

Day 2

-by Aditri and Aayush

Today we had swimming. It was so fun to hang out and push our friends in the pool! We also baked our own bread, which turned out be very tasty! We made a fire to bake the bread which was a fun activity. We also loved the free time which gave us time to play with our friends!

-by Thomas, Derek and Vivaan

Today we played lasergames outside all afternoon. We also did some sports activities, we went swimming and baked bread.

We also played a bit in the man made beach, which was cold but fun. We also did miniature golf which was fun. After that we went to make our own pizzas which was delicious. After dinner we got free time and played volleyball. It was a very intense game. We enjoyed it a lot!

Day 3

Under Ms. Magre Loren’s guidance

Wake up and weather forecast

-by Damla, Sixtine, Sophie, Mai, Anastasia, Hannia, Charlotte, Saindhavi, Dhanura, Tvisha and Saaimaegha

Today, I woke up at 7:45, later than usual, and it was way better than yesterday! Yesterday, someone from the room next door set an alarm at 5am!! Yes, crazy time! She wanted to make sure to be ready for the day on time which caused the whole cabin to wake up. I can ensure you all that we were very tired at the end of the day.

This morning me and my friend woke our roommates up, so they could be on time for the meeting at the lake to join the Challenge Run. We had a little chat and then, dressed up and got ready. Everything in the room was very chaotic. An apple here, some candy there, a dirty sock from Monday…  So, we cleaned all our mess up to get a “SUN” for the weather forecast chart.

The weather forecast is a challenge of keeping our room clean until the end of the camp. If you and your roommates get a sun on the chart you have completed the challenge of keeping your room clean, if you get a cloud is partially clean; and if you get others, you have not completed the challenge.  Me and my roommates were expecting to keep our room clean and get the “sun” on our chart all the time, but on day 3 we got a “cloud” on the charts; unexpected!

Challenge Park & Beach

At around 10:15, we left for the Challenge Park, which is a park with lots of fun activities, including climbing, swimming, canoeing, cycling and much more! When we got there, we made groups of about 6 people, with whom we completed a series of activities and earned plenty of points!

Our group ended up doing climbing, cycling, tree parkour, and water parkour. Some of us even got a bit wet at the beach.

The activity we enjoyed most was probably water parkour since it was challenging, but at the same time really funny when some people fell last moment into the water!

Today morning, we completed several challenges and after, we spent some time swimming at the beach. I made sand balls and gave the secret recipe to three people; after, we made a lot of them and had a lot of fun while making them!

Kasteel het Nijenhuis

At 15:00, we began our way to Kasteel het Nijenhuis, an open-air art museum, it took us 20 minutes walking to make it there! In groups, we completed a mini art project consisting of taking photos from different angles of one sculpture and we also came up with a sentence that represented, in some way, the piece of art that we selected. After finishing that, me and my friend went to see all the sculptures while following the map. It took us an hour to finish looking at 50-60 sculptures. It is such a very lovely garden! It is full of blooming flowers and is very pretty with all the greenery. The weather couldn’t have been better; not too cold with plenty of sun. If you have not visited the castle yet, I would recommend you come by.


The disco was nice, we especially liked the music that they played, the decoration and the slushies we got! Yummy! We really enjoyed dancing with our friends and the crazy lights!

Star gazing

Tonight, at 21:30, we are all planning to see many stars! Yesterday, because of the clouds and drizzle, star gazing was canceled. Hopefully, today, we will have a great time together, see a lot of stars, and learn a bit about Greek mythology and some constellations.

The grade 6’s ended their trip with a bang at amusement park Slagharen.