ISUtrecht Lit Week 2022 – Celebrating Literature & Literacy
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ISUtrecht Lit Week 2022 – Celebrating Literature & Literacy

Every spring in secondary we celebrate Lit Week: Literature and Literacy week. We plan a host of fun activities and literary competitions for the students, and – why not – also for the teachers. Encouraging our students to write, to get inspired and to share their passion for writing and reading is the main objective of Lit Week.

-By Karin Oyarzo, Spanish teacher

In 1995, UNESCO declared April 23 as World Book and Copyright Day. It is celebrated around the globe, promoting reading, publishing and copyright. This day also commemorates the death of William Shakespeare and the Spanish writers Inca Garcilaso de la Vega and Miguel de Cervantes. Interestingly April 23 also is the “Diada de Saint Jordi”, a celebration in Catalonia, where people exchange a book and a rose with their friends and family.

At the ISUtrecht we have been celebrating Lit Week for a couple of years now with two lovely competitions: the 6-word short story competition and the bookmark design competition. Our students love to take part in these events and invariably come up with amazing creations. However, after two years of health-related restrictions due to the pandemic, we also wanted to include an activity where all classes could create something fun: The literary dress-up competition!

Short story competition champions

Winners English

1: It took a loss to learn – by Mello (grade 10)

2: I travel unsuccessfully to find joy – by Mohana (grade 8) 

3:  ‘Six Word Stories’ – My Search History – by Luka (grade 6)

Winners Dutch

1: Een heldere hemel voor ongemarkeerde graven. – by Moskh (grade 9)

2: We leven met de klok mee. – by Skylar (grade 6)

3: Lopend naar school, huilend naar huis. – by Morris (grade 10)

Winners Spanish

1: ¿Mesa habitual para dos? No, uno. – by Eva (grade 11)

2: Entró al edificio pero nunca volvió…. – by Dhivya (grade 6)

3: Su cohete, disparó… como su imaginación  – by Adam (grade 7)

Huge congratulations to all winners!

Literary dress up competition

Last Halloween showed us that our students love costumes and dressing up. That is why we created an event, where all students could participate as a group, and be rewarded with the chance to win a prize. So much fun! I cannot wait to see what our students will prepare for this day.

Poetry Blackout Workshop

Blackout Poem

The secondary library organised a black out poetry workshop for the secondary students. Students composed poems by blacking out parts of literary texts to celebrate Lit Week 2022 by composing poems together with the students

Lit Week Literary Magazine

Also, this year, we will publish the first edition of our Lit Week literary magazine. In this magazine we are sharing the stories and poems our students have submitted or written in class with the rest of our community. Some of our DP students have written book reviews and gave us permission to publish their artwork and poetry. Additionally, our secondary library has organised a black out poetry session on Thursday April 21.

We can only hope that Lit Week will be an event that we will celebrate for many years to come. In the meantime, if you have ideas for the next Lit Week, do not forget to share them with any of your language and literature teachers.