Female students in the Intermediate Orchestra
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Female students in the Intermediate Orchestra

Last Wednesday, on 30 March, an unexpected event occurred. By chance, only female students attended the Intermediate Orchestra. It may seem like an unimportant fact, but the interest of this lies in the subsequent sporadic reflection: some of them, barely 7 or 8 years old, reflected on the great work that women together can do.

-by Elena Romano Martín, Music Teacher & Orchestra Director 

Our young musicians emphasised on how centuries ago, an all-women-orchestra would have been IMPOSSIBLE. Also, they highlighted the speed with which they managed to play the musical pieces, for many, being the first or second time they ever played it! We wanted to immortalise this moment, so that in the future we could look back and see the beginning of a possible (who knows) professional musical career.

We missed our boys, dearly!

This DOES NOT mean that the male students of our orchestra are less important or less virtuosic. We really missed them that day, of course. We just took this opportunity to play, remembering all those women, who, centuries ago would have wanted to be part of an artistic group and could not do it because of their gender.

Fortunately, these excellent female students (and all those who are part of this educational center)are lucky to be able to live in a place and era where conditions are the same for everyone, regardless of their gender, age, ideas, orientation, or family roots.

Right to express ourselves through music

Let’s celebrate equality among our students with music and represent those women from the past who couldn’t make their dream come true: making music as a human right to express ourselves.