Student Council Easter egg hunt
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Student Council Easter egg hunt

Easter week was particularly special at the secondary! It started with a bake sale hosted by the students of 9m on the 11th of April. Next came the Golden Egg hunt organised by the Student council, followed by another bake sale! Well, all the delicious cakes, brownies and chocolate eggs, not only made us super happy, but also left us weighing a couple kgs more! But hey! That is all in the spirit of Easter, after all!

-by Priyanka Gupta, Website editor

All for a cause

The Bake sale organised by the students of 9m set the stage for a fun Easter week. Students sold brownies, cheesecakes, cookies. They did not leave anyone disappointed thanks to the vegan and gluten free options! All the funds collected will go to the St. Judes Children’s Cancer Research Center. We are proud of you, 9m!

The Golden Egg

6 golden eggs were carefully hidden in different locations of the school buildings. The task was simple- find the golden egg and win a huge chocolate Easter bunny! With rumbling tummies, it was (understandably) tough for the students to wait until break for the hunt. Groups of students from 6th grade to DP2 went on search missions all over the buildings! Some made strategies, some made deals. Some innocently asked if we could let them know where the eggs were! Some used impressive negotiation skills- trading the egg in lieu of Indian sweets (that are to die for). Some promised not to be late to school throughout the academic year only if we gave them the egg! Our council was offered bribe (and a hefty one), to which they obviously refused. Students looked ‘high’, they looked low. Some looked with their golden mole eyes (the teenagers, of course!) while some scrutinised every inch of space. The energy and excitement was contagious!

Finders keepers

One by one, there were celebratory screams, high-fives and cheers. The chocolate-bunny-trophy was awarded to 5 students who brought in 5 golden eggs. But what about the 6th? It was no where to be found. Multiple text messages were exchanged. Was the student council going to give them a hint? Not so soon. Dedicated souls kept at it. And then came the scream, ‘The last egg is finally mine, as well!’

Goodies for one and all!

The council generrously distributed Easter eggs to all the students! They played the Easter bunny role well! In the afternoon the bake sale had delicious tea cakes, cup cakes and brownies. The Aula was beginning to smell a lot like Easter! What a way to break for a long weekend!

Good job with the celebrations y’all!