The New Secondary Student Council
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The New Secondary Student Council

After an enthusiastic campaign leading to overwhelming votes, a team of 4 grade 10 students has been elected as the secondary student council for 2021-22. Congratulations to TJ (president), Maria, Aayan and Yue. ‘We put a lot of effort in it, and we are really thrilled to be the new student council’. 

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

The Student Council will meet regularly with the Head of School and members of the Student Council will also become part of the Division Council. Besides these official tasks, the Student Council will be organising events and will try to improve life at school for all secondary students.

Meet the members of our student council.

Why did you want to become a member of the Student Council?

Aayan: ‘I used to be my class representative and I felt that although the Student Council listened to my input, nothing much ever changed. I want to be a member of the Student Council to make sure that changes which students recommend, will really happen’

Yue: ‘I’ve been at ISUtrecht for 7 years now and in this time, I’ve seen the school grow and develop. I always want the best for school and want to help make it better so that everyone here can feel even happier.’ 

What kind of improvements do you want to make as a Student Council?

TJ: ‘We would like to organise fun events. Everyone has been missing out on FUN due to Covid. We are going to try our best to organise more social events.’

Maria: ‘I would like to make sure that we get some more play equipment for break times; more footballs to play with.’ 

TJ: ‘I think the sports club nearby, Zwaluwe, is for public use during the day until 17:00. I would like to go there during our longer breaks to play football and I am hoping we can find 1 or 2 teachers that are willing to supervise us there.’

Yue: ‘I would like to organise more clubs for secondary, like for example an arts club would be great! It would also be fun to organise sports competitions.’

How do you know what students want?

Maria: ‘We sent out a survey to all secondary students in grades 6-11, to ask them about the type of events they would like us to organise and what other things they thought we should be doing. We got 84 responses, which we thought, was pretty good! Reading these answers gave us a good idea of what students would like to see in our school.’

What type of events are you planning?

Yue: ‘The students really enjoyed the Halloween party, so we thought we could do something similar for Christmas, with stalls, sweets and fun activities.’

TJ: ‘We would like to organise ‘Homecoming’, which is a big dance with everybody dressed in formal attire. Should be exciting!’

Aayan: ‘Students have also been asking about pizza parties.’

TJ: ‘We have also been talking about Spirit Week, where students come dressed up every day according to a different theme.’

Maria: ‘We could include the Rainbow Society and include Purple Friday in the Spirit Week.’

We wish our new Student Council the very best in their endeavours throughout their tenure, and beyond!

Their campaign video!