The Puzzle… Unpuzzled!
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The Puzzle… Unpuzzled!

The ‘jigsaw bug’ has hit our MYP students. One would have never imagined that in this day and age of gaming, with Minecraft, Fortnite and such like, jigsaws would ever hold the interest of our students. Pleasant surprise! It is rather lovely to watch our students totally engrossed unpuzzling puzzles.

By Priyanka Gupta, website editor

The Puzzle Club welcomes students to come by during recess and fix a piece or two, or a hundred, if they please! Our young (almost) teenagers sometimes like to have a quiet break, exercising their brains! This club gives them the perfect ‘gadget-free’ break time activity! Our 9th and 10th graders find this ‘stress-releasing, challenging and very fulfilling!

While there is no real sign up for this activity, we have noticed committed individuals contributing to the completion of multiple 1000-piece-projects. We had imagined this activity to be a quiet one, but were soon proven otherwise! The congratulatory pats on the backs and the fist bumps , the celebratory “YESSSS’s” and the high fives can get blaring. Well, don’t we love that?

Puzzles are therapeutic. They help me connect with the students while I see them connecting with one another as well‘, says Rachid Gouffi, student support & founder of our Puzzle Club!

How does the puzzle club help our students?

  • Puzzles help exercise the left and right side of your brain- at once.
  • It teaches the concept of ‘a whole’ and that each piece is a fraction of the bigger picture and each piece is important!
  • Each piece finds a place to fit in!
  • Celebrating small victories leading to the big one!
  • The puzzle is not COMPLETE till all the pieces are in!
  • A perfect way to connect where everyone is participating, communicating, chatting while working towards a common goal.

How can you contribute?

If you have 1000-piece puzzle, somewhere in your attic, waiting to be put together, OR you feel like giving our students an early Christmas present… drop it off at the Annex reception! Our students love new resources and new challenges! Our walls could be made brighter with some unpuzzled puzzles hanging up there!