PHE Extended in grade 10
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PHE Extended in grade 10

Both the PHE teachers and grade 10 students are really excited about the new opportunity to delve deeper into their passion for sports. 28 students chose to do PHE Extended this year.

By Wouter van Slobbe, PHE teacher

This academic year marks an exciting milestone for Physical and Health Education in MYP. As part of the pathway options in grade 10 students get the opportunity to pursue personal passions and choose two elective subjects. For pathway 1 students can choose between Music, Visual Arts and Drama and for pathway 2, their e-portfolio subject, students can choose between Visual Arts, Design and PHE. For their e-Portfolio students need to build up a collection of work (evidence) that showcases learning over time and which will be assessed on all four criteria. For PHE this means that this year for the first time we offer a class which we call PHE Extended.

In-depth inquiry

Students receive a rock solid 3 hours of PHE, in which sport is taken to a whole new level. Students now have the time and opportunity to conduct in-depth inquiry into a vast multitude of sports, both traditional and innovative. We also dive into background theories and concepts behind sport in the broadest sense of the word. Applied anatomy and physiology, performance analysis, and sport psychology, are examples of a wide variety of topics we are covering in class this year.

Fun facts

  • A remarkable total of 28 students elected the PHE Extended class, which makes this the largest class in the entire school!
  • Students in PHE extended are commonly (and rightfully) referred to as ISUtrecht’s elite athletes!