CIS Online University Exploration Day
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CIS Online University Exploration Day

You can hear a pin drop in the DP Aula at the Pionier. The students in DP1 are participating in the CIS University Exploration Day; an online event that allows the students to look at presentations of universities throughout Europe. It also provides them with the opportunity to chat with students at these universities.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

Oliver is keeping his options open for now. That’s why he is looking at courses in the fields of Political Science, Astronomy and Physics. He is currently chatting to a student from Manchester University, as they are offering an interesting Political Science course. ‘I am finding out what the entry requirements are and when you need to apply’, he tells me. ‘But I am also looking at universities in the Netherlands’.

Harshitha, who is interested in Psychology and Law has done some research at home already. ‘I’ve looked at the universities of Amsterdam and Utrecht and this morning I will look into Leiden University and the University of Applied Science in Maastricht. Lakshit has also decided he would like to stay in the Netherlands and is busy chatting to a Dutch student from Leiden University. ‘I am interested in Engineering and Artificial Intelligence’, he says. ‘So I am looking at the different options in these fields.’

Industrial Design

Harshitha’s friend Eva would really like to pursuit her dream by studying Industrial Design. She is looking into the universities of Delft and Eindhoven, ‘because they have really good programmes’, but is also keeping her options open by using this online fair to see what various universities in the UK and Scotland might have to offer.

Doğa is loving the fact that he now has the opportunity to chat to students already enrolled in universities he is interested in. Although he isn’t so sure yet which university he would like to go to, he is quite sure that he would like to study engineering. He is chatting now to a student at the University of Manchester, but he is also keen to go visit the universities in Delft and Twente to see what they have to offer.


Lathika knows exactly what she wants to do: ‘I want to study psychology, but not the medical, clinical side of it, but more the organisational side of it’, she explains. ‘I am very people oriented and patient’, she says, ‘and my father works as an HR director, which I’ve always found very inspirational. I can really see myself working in this field too’. The university of Maastricht where she wants to go just sent her a file outlining the entrance requirements for IB Diploma students. Careers counselor Kelly Murray is impressed: ‘Please make sure you send me this sheet Lathika, because this is really useful information for me too!’

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