Meet the ISUtrecht Inclusion Team
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Meet the ISUtrecht Inclusion Team

Welcome to all new families and welcome back to those of you returning! We hope that your academic year is off to a great start. We are the inclusion team – a whole school team supporting teachers to teach and students to learn. From Kindergarten through grade 12 we advocate inclusive practices and (together with the student, parents, and teachers) identify and remove barriers to learning. 

By Elzemiek Chell, Inclusion coordinator and school psychologist

In both primary and secondary the inclusion specialists support the teachers in meeting the diverse learning needs of our students and work with small groups or individual students when needed. Ms. Panagiota, Ms. Katie, Ms. Heidron and Mr. Lucas are the inclusion specialists in primary. Mr. Lucas also works in secondary, together with Ms. Boerma. 

Ms. Niamh Keane, school psychologist, joined the team this year. Together with Ms. Elzemiek Chell, she will provide the counseling groups and Lunch Bunch. Mr. Rachid and Ms. Samira will run the after-school-homework club this year.  

Across the school we offer consultation with teachers, and support to students who have specific needs or concerns (learning support and counseling). We collaborate with external specialists to help all students achieve their potential. These include our speech therapist, family counsellor and the school doctor. 

If you want to know more about inclusion at the ISUtrecht, please check the student support page on the school website.

New initiative: Growing Friends

Last year we received very positive feedback on our Lunch Bunch groups. Based on this feedback we decided to launch a new group: Growing Friends!  These counseling groups are for all new students arriving at ISUtrecht this year. Every grade level will have a group containing about 6-8 students in each group. Ms Niamh Keane will lead these groups, providing 6 weekly 45 minute sessions.

At ISUtrecht we understand that moving can be a difficult transition, and so in these sessions, we will focus on making friends in a new school, how to have a growth mindset in such transitions, and we will also touch on how to cope with some tricky situations that may arise in moving to a new school, town, or possibly even country! Parents of new students will be informed of the details this week, and group sessions will start next week. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ms. Niamh Keane directly. 

Toilet talk posters in secondary 

Each month the inclusion team creates a toilet talk poster on a new topic. This month it’s all about ‘Welcome Back’ and how to make sure your year is off to a great start.