Happy new school year!
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Happy new school year!

What a wonderful start to the school year. It is especially nice to have everyone back at school. No online classes, no split groups, no adapted timetables etc. For me it feels like a fresh start and after a wonderful summer vacation I was (and still am) really looking forward to this school year.

By Marieke Folkers, Head of School

Surely, it feels frustrating that we still must keep our distance from each other at school and that staff and secondary students must continue to wear a face mask. At the same time, it is important to keep our community safe this way and hopefully we’ll manage to keep the number of infections low. We hope to be able to receive parents in the school again soon. For now, I really look forward to meeting all of you, albeit virtually, during the information evening tonight (the details can be found on the school app).

Fortunately we managed to meet up with a lot of our new families during the coffee mornings we hosted at De Pionier last week. It was really nice to be able to meet face to face and to hear how enthusiastic these parents were about their first week at the ISUtrecht.

Learning Plan

We are at the beginning of an exciting year. We are getting started with the learning plan that we created together last spring. For this year this means that we’re not only going to focus on academic learning, but also on student and staff well-being and the development of student agency. During this year we will continue talking to staff, parents and of course students to look back on the Covid-19 months: what have we learned from this period and what do we want to take with us into the future? But we will also look ahead together at what we would like our education to look like in the coming years, culminating in a new school plan. To be able to lead this process, truly makes my job the most beautiful job in the world.

I wish us all a very good and happy school year. I really hope to meet you all in person some time soon. I also hope to be able to update you on our search for extra teaching space and the developments regarding our permanent building at Utrecht Science Park over the coming weeks. Please know that my door is always open.