MYP E-Assessment results
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MYP E-Assessment results

We recently got back the MYP e-Assessment results of the first grade 10 cohort who had the opportunity to do the full 8 components needed to achieve the formal internationally recognised MYP certificate.

By Liam Moody, Leader of Middle Years

Out of the 22 students who tried, 18 of them achieved the full MYP certificate and 6 of them achieved a bilingual certificate, sitting both the English and Dutch Language & Literature exams. This is a great achievement, especially considering these students faced many disruptions to their learning due to Covid-19.

Our e-Assessment journey

The ISUtrecht started taking part in the e-Assessments 3 years ago. The first year, students could opt to do one or two exams besides the compulsory Personal Project and Interdisciplinary assessment. The second year, we offered students the choice to do all 8 components, but due to Covid-19, the e-Assessments were canceled. In May 2021, our first cohort could choose to do all 8 components and the e-Assessments went ahead.

The 8 components are:

  • English Language & Literature
  • Dutch Language Acquisition or Dutch Language & Literature
  • Mathematics
  • One of the three sciences: Biology, Chemistry or Physics
  • Individuals and Societies
  • e-portfolio (Design, PHE or Art)
  • Personal Project
  • Interdisciplinary Assessment

Interests, passions and future aspiration

The e-Assessments are created by the IB and they assess the application of concepts taught throughout the MYP. Although the results aren’t used for entry into the Diploma Programme, they might give students a clearer idea of their interests, passions, future aspirations and therefore could help them to which subjects they want to study in the future. As a school we also believe that sitting exams online is the future, as more and more exams will take place online at universities across the globe. It is nice that our students can get used to this way of testing by sitting the e-Assessments.

To be able to sit the e-Assessments a students needs to have been in the IB system for a minimum of 2 years. Out of the 48 students in grade 10, 39 took part in the e-Assessments. Because the MYP certificate isn’t formally recognised by the Dutch educational authorities, taking part in the e-Assessments isn’t compulsory. The certificate is, however, recognised in other countries, for example Germany, the USA and the the UK where it can be used as an entry qualification for college or post 16 education. However, as a school we require all students to take part in the compulsory Personal Project, in addition to asking all students who have been in the school to also take part in the interdisciplinary assessment.

From the school’s perspective, the e-Assessment provide an external quality check. Results are used to better align learning outcomes throughout the MYP. It was very encouraging to see that despite the difficult year we all had, we scored around or above average in most of the 8 components and we achieved multiple top scores in Mathematics, Individuals & Societies and the Interdisciplinary Assessment.

New subject choices

This academic year students have a few more choices in which subjects they want to pursuit. Besides the choice in Arts between Visual Art 1, Drama or Music they can now also choose between PHE, Design and Visual Art 2. For one hour a week the whole group still does PHE, but they other hours are spent on either more PHE, Design, or Visual Art 2 (if they opted for Music or Drama in Arts). This doesn’t only decrease the workload for our grade 10 students, but also creates time in their schedules to increase the hours in their science courses.

The change in subject choices also means that for this year’s e-Assessment, students can choose between PHE, Design and Visual Art 2 for their e-portfolio.

If you would like to find out more about the e-Assessments, Liam Moody, Leader of Middle Years, will give a short online presentation next Tuesday, 21 September, from 11:00-12:00. This presentation, which is a repeat from a presentation he gave just before the summer holidays, is especially interesting for new parents and those parents who still have questions about the e-Assessments. You will receive an invitation with the Zoom link via the school app.