Learning Plan Pilot for 2021-2022
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Learning Plan Pilot for 2021-2022

We are very excited to present you with our learning plans for the next academic year. In this article you will find the summary of our learning plan with the focus areas below. This has been a huge undertaking so far and thank you to students, staff and parents who has fed back on the plan thus far, in both the input and the output.

By Edith van der Linden, Deputy Head

The plans for next year will be driven by data gathering such as surveys, questionnaires, panel meetings, interviews, and data tracking. We have created a data team and we hope that you will support us in the coming year with providing us with feedback, as this is invaluable to us.

Our main areas of focus for the next academic year

ISUtrecht has developed three focus areas to develop data driven high quality learning for well-being. These focuses have come from input from our community and the reports from our evaluation processes such as the CIS accreditation and the IB review. These key areas are:

  • Extend learning in the classroom: celebrate our achievements and consolidate current practices
  • Further foster and develop student agency: student voice, choice and ownership
  • Further foster language learning: developing structures for language learning

Please find the visual summary of the learning plan here.