War Child impressed with our students’ work
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War Child impressed with our students’ work

A delegation from War Child Holland visited the grade 9 classes this week to view the animated videos the students made in support of the charity. It was really interesting for the students to hear what was good about their work and where they can still improve. After a final round of editing the videos will be uploaded on the War Child website to raise money.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications advisor

The students started this project in February in their Design and Music classes. After their initial research into the work of War Child, the students have produced a 1-minute animated video clip that raises awareness of children in war zones, and the fantastic work War Child is doing to help out. The students have tried to explain the need to support War Child Holland to help them support traumatised children either in Holland or at various refugee camps.

IDU Design & Music

As the War Child project was an Interdisciplinary Unit (IDU), the students worked on their animations during Design and composed their own music to accompany their clip in music. The result is a unique take on the work of War Child as seen by our grade 9 students. Please view a few examples below!

War Child

War Child Holland was founded in 1993 by Willemijn Verloop, a Dutch entepreneur, whilst War Child Uk was founded by David Wilson and Bill Leeson, filmmakers from the UK. The three were spurred into action after witnessing the effects of the Bosnian War, especially on the children who witnessed violence and ethnic cleansing. War child started with offering music workshops to traumatised children in war zoned. They have now expanded to provide children with psychological support, improving resilience and well-being for affected children in Holland or still at refugee camps in crisis areas. In 2002 War Child Holland’s Ambassador and popular singer Marco Borsato, composed and wrote a powerful song called ‘Speeltuin’. The images used for the video of his song in combination with the composition and lyrics, demonstrates how Warchild is trying to help through music- creative- and sports activities. Children learn to express their emotions in different ways that helps them to deal with war time experiences and stimulates their personal development and respect for one another. By learning to play again children are able to escape the difficulties of their daily lives for a while.