Survival Advice for Grade 5: Welcome to Grade 6!
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Survival Advice for Grade 5: Welcome to Grade 6!

Are you a bit worried about going to secondary school? No need to be anxious as Determined Diva, Savvy Sanvi & Cunning Caterina are here to rescue you! Please enjoy their advice.

By Cunning Caternina, Savvy Sanvi, & Determined Diva, students grade 6

Dear Determined Diva, 

Hi, I’m a grade 5 student! I am always on time. I heard in secondary school, I have to move from class to class for each subject. Any advice on how I can do this well? 


Prompt Peter

Dear Prompt Peter,  

Yes, when you start great 6 you will need to move from place to place for each subject! When I started grade 6, I was very confused on how and where we would need to go, and we only had 2-3 minutes to go to the annex and back to the New Block! My advice would be to carry your class schedule around with you (if you do not have one ask your mentor, she/he will print one for you!)

Once you get your very own laptop you can check your schedule through Managebac! Of course, you may not know what this is; Managebac is an app for reading your reports but once you get into grade 6 you can use this app to submit your work, check your reports, check your grades, and of course you can check your schedule! I will not explain how to use this app yet, because your mentor will do it for you much more clearly than me.

The second thing you can keep in mind is after class you only have 2-3 minutes left! Try not to leave a lot of your bag stuff on your table if not needed! Do not keep unnecessary items such as a water bottle, a jacket on your chair, or laptop if you do not need it! It takes a lot of time just to pack up and then you only have 1 minute left to run to annex which will not be nice! 

So, if you do it this way you will have less stuff to tidy and you can go quicker! Also, the third  thing you can do is if your next class is after break at the annex, you should leave about 5 minutes early from the main building or new block so you can calmly go to the annex and go to your class, so you will not need to waste your energy by running!

This Is my advice! I hope this helps! 


Determined Diva 

Dear Savvy Sanvi, 

I’m a grade 5 student. And I am always late. Is this going to be an issue in grade 6?

Sincerely yours, 

Tardy Todd

Hi Tardy Todd, 

I am afraid that this is going to be a problem which you will have to get rid of before secondary starts. In primary you might just get told off if you are late but in secondary you will not. Secondary expects you to arrive 5 minutes before 8:30. Even one minute late and who knows?

Maybe the first few days or sometimes even the first week (if you are lucky) you will be spared by the teachers but that is going to change. I would recommend leaving the house 10 minutes earlier than you usually would because if you get late you are going to have to walk ALL the way to the annex building where you will go get a yellow ticket. This ticket can cause some problems because the moment you get three of these, you will start getting warnings.

I would say that in the first month you just give a good impression on the teachers by coming early (but not too early). So in my experience I would say just try to leave earlier so that you arrive on time before getting into class because you know otherwise. 

I hope this was not too depressing Tardy Todd.

Sincerely yours, 

Savvy Sanvi

Dear Cunning Caterina, 

In grade 5, I am always forgetting things. I heard we get our own computers in grade 6 and that we have to bring this every day. What happens if I forget my computer? 

Warm Regards, 

Forgetful Freda

Dear Forgetful Freda,

Yes, you heard right. We do have to bring our own computers. Computers are one of the main things you must bring, and the teachers won’t be very happy if you forget your computer. I know right, why is a computer so important?

Sadly, for nearly everything you do in MYP you will need your computer. Especially in the first few weeks, do not forget your computer seeing as that is the time when the teachers will first get to know you. I suggest you pack your bag every night before you go to school, and triple check your computer is in there. Normally, if you forget your computer, the teacher will ask you to share with someone else, but that would probably be the person closest to you, so if you sit close to someone you don’t particularly get along with, I recommend even more to bring your computer!

Don’t stress though, if it happens once or very rarely the teacher may forgive you, but don’t make it a habit!

All the best,

Cunning Caterina