Students are finding ways to support the school and home community
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Students are finding ways to support the school and home community

Service as action (SAA) is an activity that is required to be done 3 times a year. These activities must be able to contribute/help in some way to the outside community, school community, or at home.

By Saanvi & Arvid, students grade 6M

One activity needs to be done by yourself, one in a group (of two, three, or more) and one as a class. Pictures and/or a video count as evidence for your activity. At the end of your project a reflection must be done to think back on your activity and talk about how it benefited the person/persons. This can be done through a leaflet, written reflection, TikTok, blog, or video. 

Due to the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all been at home a lot this school year. This has made it hard for students to find ways of completing all 3 activities. Therefore, the school decided to make changes to the requirement and only ask for two activities to be done. The activities don’t have to be performed multiple times anymore and don’t have to be done in groups or as a class.

Some ideas for COVID-19 friendly SAA activities:

  • Sweeping/Mopping the house
  • Hosting an online club (story writing, art, debate, or drama club)
  • Cooking for your family
  • Helping a sibling with homework
  • Starting a GoFundMe for an important cause. 

Saanvi’s Activity

For my first SAA activity I had an opportunity to write a Christmas story and read it to one of the grade 5 classes for their Christmas celebration (see the picture above).

Usually, mentors inform students in MYP if there are any opportunities for students to finish their SAA. For example, my mentor Mr. Lamme provided my class with an opportunity to write an article about what SAA Is. This counts as my second activity because, I am benefiting the “school community” by providing information on this topic for teachers and students. These kinds of opportunities are best when you don’t know what to do for your SAA. I have not done a reflection for this yet but I am planning to make a video. 

Arvid’s Activity

I’m Arvid and I have done a SAA (service as action) for cooking. For my SAA I decided to help cook dinner for several weeks. I needed to help with cooking every day possible, I did things such as cutting vegetables, getting spices, and more. After completing my SAA, I had to make a reflection of what I learned, and I needed proof. I was allowed to give a photo as proof, but I also had the choices to give a detailed description of how I helped with cooking and what helped to cook. I think that SAA is a good idea because it helps us to be more active with helping in the public community, and it teaches us new skills that can be useful for when we are older, because I learned techniques of how to cutting and cooking and what you need to do.