Khulan (grade 9) wins in Covid-19 International Student Film Festival
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Khulan (grade 9) wins in Covid-19 International Student Film Festival

We are so proud of Khulan who beat thousands of middle school students around the world. Her film, Days Blurred Together came third in the category My World of the Covid19 International Student Film Festival (C19 ISFF).

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications

The C19 ISFF is a grassroots collaboration between schools, students and teachers from all over the world. The film festival was founded during the first world wide lockdown in 2020 by history teacher Doug Hart from Sparta Public Schools in Michigan (US) who believes that the Covid-19 films students made are important as “time-capsules to the next generation, primary sources for future historians, and critical youth cultural contributions to big history in the making”. The first edition of the festival had “entries from 76 secondary schools in 30 countries (and 11 states) on 6 continents”.

2-minute films

Mr Hart enlisted the help of journalists, editors, directors, NGO’s, policy makers and script writers from all over the world to help with the judging. For the second edition of the festival, students could choose between 21 film categories, ranging from My Animation, My Faith and My Dance to My News, My Shakespeare or My Trailer. Entries should be no longer than 2 minutes, reference to or integrate Covid-19 and be made using copyright free music. You can find Khulan’s film below. All other winners from last year and this year can be found on the C19 ISFF You Tube Channel.

“I was looking for a project my grade 9 students could easily do from home, could be an emotional and or creative outlet and could also help with the transition from remote learning to lessons in school”, says English teacher Callum Philbin. All the grade 9 students made films, which Mr Philbin showed during in class film festivals. After watching all the films, the students decided that Khulan’s film should be entered to compete in the C19 ISFF.

Days Blurred Together

“I wanted to portray life during quarantine in relation to how we perceive time”, Khulan explains the inspiration for her film. “Once I came up with the idea of filming the transitions of myself in different clothes, but always in the same spot, filming wasn’t too difficult.” Which was a good thing as Khulan admits that she totally forgot about the film until one day before the deadline. “I made and edited the film in one day”, she laughs. “And I am so happy to come third in my category”.

Khulan has always been interested in films, especially in editing (she is a big fan of Adobe After Effects). After her success in the C19 ISFF, she definitely plans to shoot and edit more films. We can’t wait Khulan!

The runners-up

Our students made such lovely films! That’s why we would like to present you with the runners-up: