Expert parent session on language teaching and learning in primary
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Expert parent session on language teaching and learning in primary

On Wednesday 7 April the PYP hosted the first of a double session for ‘Expert Parents’.  These expert parent sessions are a relatively new initiative by the primary at ISUtrecht.  The two recent sessions homed in on language teaching and learning on all fronts, in the classroom and in the Dutch and English language acquisition classes. We also talked about how we as a school support home languages.  

By Eryn Wiseman, leader of primary years

In the first session, a group of highly enthusiastic parents joined us to learn about the philosophy and organisation of all of the above aspects of language learning and had a chance to meet with some of the teachers from each department for a short Q&A session.  We followed this up on Wednesday 12 May, where our inquisitive parents had a unique opportunity to experience some of our teaching themselves. They also got the opportunity to ask all the burning questions they still had. Please find the PowerPoint presentation about Language Learning here.

Real-world connections

Some of the main takeaways for parents were that teachers endeavor to make real-world connections to student language learning and how they use their multiple languages to help support differentiation. Many parents also asked about strategies for supporting their children at home. The ELA team was happy to include the following links for further learning: