ArtBurst 2021 – together again as a community?
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ArtBurst 2021 – together again as a community?

We would like to announce that the ArtBurst theme of 2021 is “ Merge and Mingle”, or M&M for short (Catchy, isn’t it?). This theme is inspired by our unwavering human need for togetherness and community, and we want to celebrate this again, just you wait and see, this is where ArtBurst will work its magic!

By Judith ‘OBrien and Erick Aufderheyde, drama teachers and ArtBurst organisers

For seven years, ArtBurst has been a yearly ‘beyond the classroom’- event, where creativity and community were celebrated with the whole ISUtrecht school community, including students, staff and parents. Every year, a carefully chosen theme has connected everything, from workshops, performances, culinary events, and creative contests for all classes, from KG to DP2.

As you know, this year has presented us with a big challenge of how we can safely and meaningfully celebrate events together as a school, as we are experiencing an involuntary ‘intermezzo’ of normal school life.  Yet, the fact remains that we are still a thriving international community of students, teachers and parents, and we need to take the time to celebrate this creatively! So, we need to choose the right time.

Careful considerations

Our community is growing in size and the number of students at our school has reached 900, which makes it more difficult to fit us all in one space without getting squished!

With these considerations in mind, the ArtBurst team has been busy looking for the most suitable timing and location, so that we can keep the spirit of ArtBurst bright and can celebrate safely and comfortably together as a large community. Therefore, in 2021, ArtBurst will be a celebration of two parts, with an ArtBurst introduction day/s in July, where students will remain in their class or mentor groups and will engage in a wonderful variety of fun workshops and activities based on the 2021 theme. Then, the ‘main’ event will be at the end of September/early October (to be confirmed soon) in a larger venue, where we can safely and happily ‘merge and mingle’ in our creative endeavors. We will announce the official ArtBurst M&M venue and schedule of events in early September.

So, what can you expect?

In the ArtBurst events in July and September, we will be actively celebrating togetherness and community, alongside creativity and fun.

Firstly, we hope that the ‘starter’ days in July will be a refreshing opportunity for the students to ‘merge and mingle’ across different cultures and languages. Also, the activities and workshops will borrow ideas from a variety of subject areas and diverse experiences, so that there will be a merging of ideas and new connections will be formed.

Lots of mingling

Then, in September, students, parents and school staff can enjoy: live performances from members of the school community; a variety of creative and active workshops; delicious, culturally varied food delights; and lots of mingling. The aim is that, through the starter activities in July and the main event in September, the community will start to mingle again with more confidence and more laughter.  We hope that we can forge new meaningful connections in: our knowledge & understanding, our experiences, and most importantly, our connections with others. Through ArtBurst, students will actively merge content and skills from their Arts subjects with their other subject areas, making new discoveries in the process.