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What a cracking competition the Six Word Short Story competition was. Ms. Smolders, Mr. Ruben and myself were blown away by the creativity and formidable intellect of many of you as Dutch, Spanish and English writers. I laughed, I cried, I loved all of the entries, so choosing only three winners in each category was extraordinarily difficult. I have the honour of announcing the winners, but very well done to all involved. 

By Callum Philbin, Ruben Provencio Kuijk and Ilona Smolders, secondary language teachers

Dutch Winners 

First place:  Het spijt me, ze zijn dood.

By Zander (grade 11)

Second place:  Moederziel alleen, ontmoette hij zijn lot

By Daan (grade 9)

Third place: Een trouwring in een vieze prullenbak

By Sofie (grade 7)

Honorable mentions: 

Geboren, gespeeld, gegroeid, gewerkt, genoten geslapen 

By Grade 11 – Hassan (grade 11)

één mes, één stap , geschreeuw…stilte.

By Juana (grade 11)

Bal, voet, schiet, goal, yes, gewonnen.

By Julian (grade 6)

English Winners

First place:  I can’t breathe”, “suck it up”

By Nadine (grade 9)

Second place: “Honey, I’m home” I live alone.

By Caterina (grade 8)

Third place:  “How’s the family?”, “Empty without you”

By Lotte (grade 8)  

Honourable mentions: 

Factory worker quits after gruesome death 

By Carmen (grade 9)

Sorry fighter, shoes sold in sets

By Tarushi (grade 8)

Spanish Winners

First place:  ¿Dijiste que tenemos tarea para hoy? 

By Jiya (grade 10)      

Second place: yo vi, pero no dije nada

By Ema (grade 10)

Third place:  sin motivación, sin paciencia, gracias covid

By Ayan (grade 10)  

Parent Winner

Champion Six Word Short Story Writer: Yes! She said. He smiled faintly

By Frank Buijtendijk

Honourable mentions: 

Promoted again, got dad ornamental headstone 

By Pavithra Srinivasan

Comedian sought. Politician applied. Party cancelled. 

By Seckin Ikiz

Virus to Vaccine; Twenty Twenty ‘Won’

By Phanindra Ivatury 

Students will receive a kindle (first place), a book voucher (second place) or a selection of Tony’s chocolates (third place) after the May break.

Congratulations to all of our winners and to everyone who entered. At the end of the day, literature isn’t about prizes or recognition: it’s about expressing feelings, emotions and exploring fundamental human truths. It is a way to help us live and eventually die with more knowledge, virtue, and most importantly, our sanity intact. These things can be explored across novels, compendiums or libraries, but sometimes it can be expressed in just six simple words. 

Here at ISUtrecht, we showed through this competition the beauty and poignancy of storytelling and the importance of choosing the rights words. Keep creating no matter what the form, keep writing your stories, keep sharing those stories. 

Happy World Book Day, Happy Lit. Week to you all!