Design and Music IDU in collaboration with War Child Holland
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Design and Music IDU in collaboration with War Child Holland

Our grade 9 students are working on designing documentaries that use different animation techniques, to advocate the work of War Child Holland. This is the third year Music and Design are collaborating to produce a meaningful and relatable animation to reach a broad audience.

By Poyee Li-Sumptom, Design teacher

Every year, the teachers at the International School Utrecht are working on designing meaningful and relevant units. Particularly in Design, we use various recent topics to spur interest in inquiry and research to find solutions to a recognised problem. We use various methods to inspire our students to become critical thinkers and problem solvers. We enhance and develop skills that create helpful and/or educational designs.

We have covered different topics in this interdisciplinary unit, ranging from global warming to Covid-19 and now War Child Holland. Students are conducting a valid research and working collaboratively on creating an educational animation using tools and software available at our school and combine this knowledge in Music lessons to use their own composition as interpretation of a moving image. This year, we hope to significantly impact our animation by building a stronger bond to War Child Holland and hoping to raise monetary aid that will make a difference to the children in Crisis areas.

Please view a compilation of animated video’s the students made in previous years

War Child Holland was founded in 1993 by Willemijn Verloop, a Dutch entepreneur, whilst War Child Uk was founded by David Wilson and Bill Leeson, filmmakers from the UK. The three were spurred into action after witnessing the effects of the Bosnian War, especially on the children who witnessed violence and ethnic cleansing. War child started with offering music workshops to traumatised children in war zoned. They have now expanded to provide children with psychological support, improving resilience and well-being for affected children in Holland or still at refugee camps in crisis areas. In 2002 War Child Holland’s Ambassador and popular singer Marco Borsato, composed and wrote a powerful song called ‘Speeltuin’. The images used for the video of his song in combination with the composition and lyrics, demonstrates how Warchild is trying to help through music- creative- and sports activities. Children learn to express their emotions in different ways that helps them to deal with war time experiences and stimulates their personal development and respect for one another. By learning to play again children are able to escape the difficulties of their daily lives for a while.

This January, all grade 9 has started with me working on creating an ‘Animated Documentary’ for War Child to be presented to you either online or via a big screen at school premisses, Covid-19 rules permitted. Right now, students have explored the importance of documentaries and are using 2D or 3D animation as a medium to address a wider audience. They are producing an animation that equally educates the public and raises awareness of children in war zones, and the fantastic work War Child is doing to help out. It explains the need to support War Child Holland to help them support traumatised children either in Holland or at various refugee camps. This is now even more important, because Covid-19 has really affected the refugee camps and their host countries. We would like to help publicise War Child within our community, hopefully resulting in financial aid that will ensure they can keep helping children in need.

We are looking forward to presenting you via a life stream or viewing the result of 2021 cohorts on the 15th of June.

If you like to see what our students have created the last year watch a little compilation via this link.