To use glitter or to not use glitter: difficult choices in grade 2
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To use glitter or to not use glitter: difficult choices in grade 2

On the very last day of school before the winter break, grade 2 had a very special Plastic workshop. 4 Global Sustainability Science students from Utrecht University reached out to the school in hopes of spreading awareness on plastic pollution in the community.  

By Kiah Fardell, classroom teacher 2 White

The university students recognised our dedication to creating a sustainable world through our teaching and action. Something that all International Baccalaureate schools have in common.

The workshop began with the children drawing what they imagine the ocean to look like, only to be shown photos of the actual ocean as ‘plastic soup’. Naturally, this reality shocked many of the children and they were all riled up and ready to take action.

reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle

The workshop leaders explained what plastic is made of and they also talked about all the issues regarding plastic consumption. This created a deeper understanding and awareness of our planets plastic problem. The university students then shared a few handy tips through a catchy song about the concept of reducing, reusing, repurposing and recycling plastic.

Tricky moral dillema

Time for a fun activity! The children were challenged to repurpose their own plastic waste of bottle lids into festive cards and decorations. Every child was fully involved in this process, carefully choosing a lid and deciding what to create. Half-way through the workshop, glitter was introduced and the children had to then decide if it was worth using, now that they knew more about the impact micro-plastic has on the environment. This was a tricky moral dilemma but using their learner profile attributes and new knowledge of plastic, many of them made the decision to go without glitter!

Global Sustainability Science

Some of the grade 2 students chose to make snowmen or their favourite animals, while others linked their card designs to our unit of inquiry and made human body systems. Combining learning, creativity and festivity was a wonderful way to spend our last day before the break. A huge thank you to the Global Sustainability Science students for sharing their passion for change and repurposing.