Media Centre: Collections Update.
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Media Centre: Collections Update.

In 2015, when ISUtrecht moved to its current location, the library received a lovely room which immediately became known as the Media Centre. At first, the library collection was rather modest, as our school was still tiny and most of the students were in primary. Six years later, we have extended both our student numbers and our library collections. And we’re not done yet!

By Noa Hilevitz, librarian

We keep on expanding our collections, as our school keeps gaining more students and staff. Therefore, we feel the need of the students (and teachers) for more books. 

We can now proudly say we have proper PYP and MYP collections, with a growing selection of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Easy Readers, Picture Books and Graphic Novels. We always try to keep our collection as diverse as possible. Many of our staff members are books worms, therefore we get many requests for new books and cool titles. We also get plenty of requests from students, a lot of whom are avid reading. In the Media Centre, the students can add their requests to the wish bag and every month we take a few of their suggestions to add to our book orders. 

Graphic Novels 

Teachers and parents might have noticed the growing interest in graphic novels these days. The popularity of graphic novels seems to have increased amongst all ages. Graphic novels aren’t “just” comic books, but also a wide variety of (classic) stories adapted into graphic novels. Within this latter section, there was a demand for Japanese Manga including adventure, mystery, horror, science fiction, fantasy, and romance. The adapted stories include some of the classics such as Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The Diary of Anne Frank and even some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, retold as Manga. 

f you ever questioned why your child is drawn to reading only this genre, you can relax and read some tips from “Scholastic” on the benefits of graphic novels:  


Our school is inclusive. That’s why we felt we felt the need to expand our LGBTQIA+ collection in different sections of the library. Education starts in early years where in our picture books section you can find titles about different types of families or how we express love. Some examples are Love makes a family by Sophie Beer and Stella brings the family by Miriam Baker Schiffer. We also have fiction books and graphic novels on the topic suited more for upper primary and secondary students. 

Cultural diversity 

Being an International school entails means we have the responsibility to provide our students with as many books telling different stories, from as many backgrounds as possible. Whether it is a home language book or a fiction book with stories from our home cultures, we try and offer a broad collection. We continuously make a great effort in adding more home languages titles, and even more stories from your native homes.  

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