The Best is Yet to Come!
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The Best is Yet to Come!

The best part of December, believe it or not, is not that 2020 is ending, but rather the celebration of Christmas.

By Ronika Raju, classroom teacher 1 Blue

Here in the PYP, the students have begun a month-long celebration, including the ritual of opening an Advent calendar, craft making, decorating the aula and our classroom doors, making wishes for the new year at the Wishing Tree, listening to our choir singing carols, as well as contributing to a local food bank.

The ISUtrecht advent calendar made by art teacher Sacha Sukasam

It is hoped that our month-long celebrations will bring light and hope during these uncertain times, knowing the best is yet to come.  

Here’s what some of our Grade 1 Blue students have to say about the festive season:  

I love Christmas because it’s so fun and I can have presents and I can eat peppernoten. (Lovely)  

I wish I could give presents to my family and others who don’t have any presents. (Ashvithaa)  

Christmas means having fun with presents. (Mokshitha) 

I hope that the sick children get better at Christmas. (Aaruhya)  

I like Christmas because I get cool toys. (Aniruddha)  

I wish Christmas to come, to eat papernoten and get presents. (Julia)  

I like Sinterklaas because we get pepernoten. (Divisha)  

My favourite part about Christmas is getting chocolates and getting so many cool toys. (Prayan)  

I like Christmas because I get to decorate the Christmas Tree with my mum. (Anvi)