ISUtrecht and BridgeU: Bridging the gap between school and the future
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ISUtrecht and BridgeU: Bridging the gap between school and the future

This academic year, ISUtrecht has introduced a new counselling platform to further enhance our university and careers guidance curriculum. The platform BridgeU was founded to help young people around the world to realise their potential.

By Jeroen de Haas, science teacher and careers counsellor

BridgeU empowers schools to provide smart university and careers guidance. Features of the programme include Document Sending, Reference Writing, Admissions Insights, Smart University Matching, Career Planning, International Destinations, Performance Insights, and Results Showcasing. The platform manages the complex challenge of preparing and carrying out university applications, using data, intelligent tools, and streamlined task management, helping to prepare the students of today for the world of tomorrow.

Finding the right higher education and career pathway

The next few months will be very important for our DP2 students. As well as working towards the completion of their final exams & school qualifications, they will be deciding what path they wish to take in the years after secondary school.

We know these are big decisions for our students. Finding the right higher education and career pathway is not an easy process. As they submit their applications to their chosen university or college, there are a lot of deadlines they will have to meet!

Higher education application process

That’s why BridgeU is an essential component of our school’s university and careers guidance curriculum. BridgeU puts all the essential information students need to know about the higher education application process in one place. In addition, BridgeU is designed to help our students keep track of the important deadlines and milestones, ensuring they submit their applications on time.


Shortlisting is a vital first step for students using BridgeU. Not only does creating a shortlist allow students to focus their research, but students can also access a range of valuable & exclusive opportunities. These include scholarships & financial aid, not to mention receiving notifications if/when one of their shortlisted universities visits or makes contact with the school. Next, we will be asking our students to make a final decision on the universities or colleges they actually want to apply to. We’ll work with students to help them decide which destination is right for them, based on their academic performance & personal preferences.

Essay writing tools

Once they’ve finalised their application list, students will be expected to complete & submit their applications. BridgeU has a range of essay writing tools & resources to help our students’ applications stand out from the crowd. The ISUtrecht careers counsellor will use BridgeU to set tasks & reminders, ensuring that all of our students meet the necessary deadlines.