Poojya’s awesome creative writing project!
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Poojya’s awesome creative writing project!

Creativity for Poojya (DP2) only means one thing: creative writing. It’s what she’s always been doing and what helps her when she needs to deal with strong emotions. To share her love with the rest of the DP students, she runs a creative writing project this month.

By Ingrid Schmoutziguer, communications; poems by DP students

‘This year as a school we focus on creativity and Ms Ayes (leader of Diploma Years), came up with the idea to showcase creativity in DP by providing students with a platform’, says Pooyja. ‘Showing my creativity, means sharing my writing and I thought it would be fun to invite other students to share their writing too.’

Poojya puts a weekly prompt on the whiteboard in the DP Aula and students can respond by handing in or putting up a piece of creative writing they like to share. This week’s prompt was “Sky and Space”.

Poem 1: Galaxies

What hurts me is the right you have to it,
more than your oblivion itself.
For I have seen galaxies
that I hate to keep just to myself
Some things deserve more than me,
they deserve you and the rest
What a shame would it be,
if the night sky had no guest
Some things deserve more than me,
they deserve you and the rest
I have seen galaxies
that I hate to keep just to myself

Poojya: ‘Some students write under their own name and some use a writer’s name or their initials. I use a writer’s name, as for me my writing is quite personal.’

‘I write poems or stories in my free time. Poems are an outlet for when I am high on emotions ‘, says Poojya. ‘When I am very angry, I also feel very helpless. When I write a poem about it, I can let my anger and frustration out and I feel better afterwards. When I am happy or excited, I write stories!’

Poem 2: Stargazing

When I'm alone
I look to the start
On which people can gaze
Wherever they are

I wonder how many
People like me
Watch as they shine
And create pretty dreams

For eons and years
They have continued to grow
Guiding us on
And bringing us hope

As I gaze on them nos
New ideas do form
Fragments of tales
And words to be born

Stars fuel dreams
Hopes, they keep bright
They sparkle new ideas
And brighten cold nights

Every night can be tough
When family's afar
So, when I am alone
I look to the stars

Kailuna C.

It’s not something she necessarily wants to pursuit as a career. Poojya: ‘My passions and what I want to do later in life is biochemistry. Creative writing is something that I will keep doing in my free time.’

This attitude towards her writing allows Poojya to be quite free in it. ‘It doesn’t have to be perfect and I am not striving to become better at it. I really write for the moment.’

Poem 3: Stars

Tiny fireflies
Scattered in blue plain
Some shadowed, some abandoned.
Their maps set like tar in the ground
Observing souls they yearned to contact.



Prompts to look forward to over the coming weeks:

  • Magical realism.
  • Freedom
  • supernatural things